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wild animals

  1. Badass 9-Year-Old Wins Fight With 400-Pound Alligator, Takes Tooth as Trophy

    "You should see the other guy."

    A story that easily could have ended in tragedy last week took a surprising turn when a 9-year-old boy fought off an alligator that was actively trying to eat him. Seriously, it left a tooth behind in one of the wounds the Florida child sustained, which he's going to keep and make into a necklace as a conversation piece/get-out-of-bullying-for-life card.

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  2. Monday Cute: If Game of Thrones Took Place in the Animal Kingdom [VIDEO]

    The things we love destroy us every time, lad. Remember that.

    Here now, dear readers, witness the first meeting of Jon Snow and Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jeor Mormont. Otherwise known as, OMG WATCH THIS BIG BEAR RESCUE A DROWNING CROW.

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  3. Watch These Animals Dance To Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push-It” Better Than You Ever Could

    But can they Vogue?

    Push it. Push it real good.

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  4. Strapping Tiny Cameras To Falcons Lets You Experience Flight Like You Are A Hardcore Bird Of Prey

    They used tiny bird hats and tiny bird backpacks, everything about this is amazing.

    Falcons are awesome, and not just the Captain/Millennium versions. These intense air predators have some serious skills when it comes to dive-bombing their prey from above; and, in order to find out exactly how falcons do what they do, physicists strapped tiny cameras to their faces. For science!

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  5. Monday Cute: Someone Keep This Baby Ocelot Away From Archer


    We skipped "Monday Cute" this morning in lieu of Serious Game of Thrones Trailer Business, so it only seemed right to end the day with it. Plus, a new season of Archer starts tonight on FX so that worked out nicely. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  6. Monday Cute: Baby Elephant Vacations For Labor Day, Sees The Ocean For The First Time [VIDEO]


    Some of you may be on vacation today, some of you may be working (we feel your pain) but no matter what you're doing this Monday morning, you should take a break and watch this video. It will make you extremely happy. Promise. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  7. Shelter Is A Tale of Motherhood, Loss, and Survival. It Is Also A Badger Simulator.


    I awoke in my den, surrounded by four yipping cubs — and a motionless one, curled into a ball. Oh god. Two seconds into Shelter, and already I’d failed as a parent. I approached the cub, and gave a bark, trying to wake it. Its siblings responded. The still one did not. At a loss, I walked down a tunnel, wondering what I could’ve done. I came upon a root vegetable. I grabbed it between my sharp teeth, and continued on. But as I tried to walk down the tunnel, I kept balking backward. The game wouldn’t let me leave my offspring behind. I thought for a moment, and returned to the lifeless cub. I offered the vegetable. My cub wolfed the tuber down, and color returned to its fur. It got to its feet, and trotted along after me. A voice appeared in my head, cutting through the game’s mellow soundtrack. “Having successfully learned to feed her cubs, the young mother can now venture into the forest.” “Who’s that?” I asked. “I’m Sir David Attenborough,” the voice said. “I will be providing your imaginary narration.” 

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  8. Monday Cute: What If Wild Animals Were Round, Like Balloons? [VIDEO]

    The World May Never Know

    For the 2013 FMX conference of animation, effects, games and transmedia, Flying Stone GbR were tasked with putting together a few trailers. They decided to turn wild animals into roly-poly balloon creatures. Enjoy. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  9. Etsy Bans Wares Made Using Endangered Animals

    Consider the Following

    Etsy announced a policy change on Monday that bans the use of endangered animal parts/products from being sold on the popular internet marketplace. The ban includes feathers, furs, bones, ivory, and taxidermy. What may be a bit surprising is that this ban applies to both vintage and non-vintage products. What prompted the policy change, and what will be removed from Etsy's stores? Details under the cut.

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  10. Falcon Family Shuts Down UK Cell Phone Tower

    Good news? A family of endangered peregrine falcons has taken up residence in a U.K. cell tower. Bad news? Since U.K. endangered species laws prevent people from messing with the nests of endangered birds and potentially disturbing their rare offspring, technicians are unable to conduct maintenance on the tower and have been forced to shut it down, leaving customers in the area lacking a cell signal until July, when officials -- and customers -- hope the baby birds will have grown old enough to leave the nest.

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  11. Man Bitten to Death by Beaver Somehow Not an Isolated Incident

    A fishing trip to a quiet lake in Belarus ended about as badly as it's possible for a fishing trip to end when one of the men was attacked and killed by a beaver as he tried to photograph it. The man, whose name is not being released, approached the creature with his camera for a better shot when the animal pounced on him, biting his leg and severing a major artery, a wound from which the man bled out, dying a short time later. Perhaps the oddest part of this news? Beaver attacks are not as uncommon as you might think.

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  12. Staten Island Goes Twin Peaks As Men In Black Track Down Runaway Zebra and Pony

    The Staten Island Advance is reporting that a pony and a zebra are at large on the island, just strolling around the borough like they own the place, and the paper has the grainy cell phone video to prove it. The horses have been at large since at least this morning, when a resident witnessed them running through a parking lot. Keep reading for the most adorable footage of a Staten Island parking lot you're likely to see ever.

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  13. Kangaroos Have Three Vaginas, So Here Is How That Works

    A Series of Fallopian Tubes

    What's that you say? Oh yes, it's true -- marsupials, including the most popular one, the kangaroo, are equipped with a total of three vaginas. Three vaginas, two uteri, all there to serve their own joey-bearing purpose. For one thing, can you imagine their periods, you guys? Crazy! For another, imagine how hilariously scared all those anti-choice lawmakers would be when they got a load of this information if it applied to human vaginas! We'd probably have to stop being women altogether! Because it's just too many vaginas for people to understand!

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  14. Animal Sex, As Illustrated by Humanoid Cartoons

    What It Says On the Tin

    Animals have weird sex, you guys. But if putting the weird, wild mating habits of the animal kingdom has always been hard for you to put into human context, then you are in luck this afternoon! DeviantARTist Humon has created an illustrated guide to the many varieties of copulation in which God's numerous creatures and beasts take part, featuring adorable humanoid cartoons showing us where on the human body all this stuff would happen. No, seriously -- this is super educational!

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  15. 85-Year-Old Woman Rescues Husband From Moose With Shovel. True Story.

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    An 85-year-old Alaskan woman recently fended off a large attacker. The culprit? A moose. Anyone who's seen one knows they are not to be messed around with but when the woman saw the animal attacking her husband she didn't think twice about defending him...with a shovel. 

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  16. 15 Wild Animals In Fancy Dress


    A lot of pet owners like dressing their animals up in people clothes. The animals are usually not amused by this idea. You certainly wouldn't fathom trying to dress up wild animals, that's why it's much better to let a talented artist take a crack at it instead. Hit the jump to see 15 very dapper and distinguished animals in fancy dress from the husband and wife team that is Berkley Illustration (Ryan and Lucy Berkley). 

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  17. Woman Beats Husband-Attacking Tiger With Ladle, Wins

    Don't Try This At Home

    Well, there's something you don't see every day. At least not in America. While hunting for squirrels, a Malaysian man was attacked by a tiger until his wife beat it with a soup ladle. It seems like someone picked some random words out of a hat and formed a sentence with them, but it actually happened. Click through for all the gory, cartoonish details.

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