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Statler the Geriatric Bat Reminds Us That We All Need to Lift Each Other Up

Sometimes you just want to fly and enjoy a fruit cup, you know?

We’re only a month into 2021, and already this year has been A LOT. Part of what’s made the past month so grueling is that we’re coming into 2021 after suffering through 2020, one of the worst years in recent memory. Bottom line: we’re frazzled, we’re tired, and we just want one nice thing. Well luckily for us, that nice thing has come: his name is Statler, and he is a 33 year old geriatric bat.

Statler, an Indian flying fox, lives at the Bat World Sanctuary in Weatherford, Texas, where he is living his best damn life. The one-eyed wonder suffers from arthritis and various injuries so he cannot fly anymore, but that doesn’t stop the staff at BWS from carrying throughout their compound so he can still feel the wind beneath his old leathery wings. Not bad for the oldest living bat in captivity.

In a world filled with cruelty and stupidity, seeing Statler enjoying his “flights” is not just adorable, but honestly quite moving. In addition to his flights, Statler gets plenty of fruit to snack on, gets brushed with a tiny brush, and enjoys massages in the sunlight. I mean, we should all be so lucky.

Seeing these staffers cater to Statler’s needs reminds us of the healing power of a helping hand. At a time when we have never felt more disconnected from one another, more isolated, here comes Statler flying in on the wings of love. Even at his advanced age, with one eye and what I can only assume is a host of other medical issues, he is cherished and loved.

I mean, Statler is literally living that “Footprints in the Sand” poem. What a legend. What an icon. What a king.

This Bat-chelor (I’m sorry) has quickly captured the imagination of Twitter, who demand nothing but good things for this avatar of 2020 .. namely a buddy named Waldorf:

Hopefully, when we are old and grey, someone will lift us up and make us feel like we can fly. And if there’s a fruit salad at the end of that journey, all the better. Be the Bat World Sanctuary staffer you wish to see in the world, or maybe give them some dollars to keep up the good work they’re doing. You can even sponsor a bat in need, like Statler and his friends!

(featured image: screencap/Bat World Sanctuary)

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