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  1. Beautiful Space Dresses Are the Star of Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

    Looks like the science dress revolution is happening (about time!). I know I would have to sell my own house in order to afford one of these, but just looking at these outfits from Valentino's Pre-Fall 2015 collection is setting my space princess heart aflutter. The boots! The gowns! The capes! If I had an awards show to go to, I know what I'd be wearing.

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  2. Why Do We Draw Stars With Spikes When Actual Stars Are Round?

    Let's talk about optics.

    Draw a star. It probably looks something like the ones in the picture above. Stars have points when we draw them, but why? Real stars, the ones in space, are round. So how did we get to the pointed star shape from balls of fire incandescent plasma?

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  3. Nasa Releases New Hubble Space Telescope Images of A Star Being Violently Born

    I sure hope the universe got an epidural.

    Man, human babies have it easy. All they have to endure is the trauma of being forced out of a uterus. You know what stars have to deal with when they're being born? Massive amounts of nebula cloud gas being violently twisted by radiation and coalescing into exploding balls of fire. At least they're pretty, though, right?

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  4. Hank Green Explains Why Stars Twinkle In This Illuminating Episode of SciShow

    When you wish upon a star, nothing happens because stars are not aware of their surroundings and cannot grant wishes.

    Contrary to what Inspector Javert might believe, stars don't fill the darkness with order and light because they are the sentinels of the sky. They actually do it because of this thing called science. Though we bet Javert would appreciate a lot of things about science, too. It's very neat and orderly sometimes.

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  5. A Moon With Two Suns May Be More Likely To Support Life

    It's also more likely to look like Tatooine.

    Apparently two are better than one. New research shows that binary stars keep each other in check and increase a moon's chances of hosting life.

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  6. Open Source Hubble Telescope Scarves Put Nebulas & Star Formations On Your Shoulders

    I Want to Believe

    Celine Semaan Vernon of Slow Factory had the best idea ever - create pretty scarves using open source NASA images as your base. I'm seriously in love.

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  7. Miserable Alien Life is Possible Around Bigger, Brighter and Hotter Stars

    At least they're not death stars.

    Move over sun, there may be a bigger star to steal the spotlight. Recent studies suggest that hotter and brighter stars are capable of providing the right conditions to form life.

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  8. Four Super Ancient Galaxy Clusters Have Been Found Hanging Out Billions of Light-Years Away

    In galaxies far, far away...

    By combining the data from the Planck and Herschel satellites, four super old galaxies clusters were recently discovered, and by super old, we mean 10 billion light-years away. They're galaxy clusters, which means that they're a massive cloud of other galaxies.

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  9. Sparkly Eyeshadow Inspired By Our Solar System

    It Came From Outer Space

    You've heard the expression "stars in your eyes," right? Well how about "planets on your eyes?" No? You're right, that's probably weird. But these Milky Way-inspired baked shadows from BH Cosmetics are totally cool. Hit the jump to see if they picked appropriate colors for each planet.

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  10. Beautiful Astronomically Accurate Shawl For Chilly Stargazing Nights

    Do Try This At Home

    Redditor Boothin shared this shawl their wife made by tweaking one pattern and combining it with another. The end result was a beautiful and cozy garment that is also an accurate map of our sky as seen from the North Pole. By all means, join me in the Jealous Corner.

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