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  1. FreedomPop’s Free Wireless Service Sounds Too Good to Be True, Might Not Be

    FreedomPop wants to give everyone access to wireless service for free. The company promises customers 500MB of 4G data as well as unlimited text and 200 minutes of phone service a month at no cost to customers. Giving away what other carriers are charging a premium for may seem impossible to sustain long-term, but FreedomPop plans to reap the profits of a freemium model. Reaching higher levels of data usage or phone service will cost you.

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  2. Prepaid Cell Provider Ting Wants to Buy Your Love, Pay Off Your Early Termination Fees to Switch

    The biggest thing keeping most people tied to their cell phone company is the hefty early termination fees attached to their contracts. Even when you can get a better deal at a different company, having to pay upwards of a few hundreds dollars (mine is $325 with AT&T) to get out of your contract can keep you from pulling the trigger. What if the company you're switching to offered to pay that fee for you? That's what prepaid provider Ting is trying. They want to pay your early termination for you to get you to switch -- sort of.

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  3. Find My iPhone Keeps Sending Sprint Customers to 59-Year-Old Retiree’s House

    At first blush, Find My iPhone seems like pretty much the best. If you lose your iPhone, or have it stolen, you can track it via GPS in order to retrieve it. In theory, that's wonderful. Who wouldn't want to track down and find their lost smartphone? In practice, however, it turns out that our advanced technology is still basically a garbage in, garbage out kind of thing. Just ask Wayne Dobson, 59-year-old Las Vegas retiree. Find My iPhone has been mistakenly sending folks to his house for years.

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  4. Which 3G and 4G Networks are the Fastest?

    Because we can't help incite enough wireless network flame wars, we're going to start the morning with what we'll call an "update" to the usual comparison between wireless network speeds in the United States. PC World performed a little test between major carriers, and the results are actually a little more surprising than what you might've guessed.

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  5. Sprint PR Confirms Their 4G LTE Will Offer Unlimited Data

    In a world where unlimited data plans either don't exist much anymore, or are being throttled and aren't truly unlimited, Sprint realized that a good way for them to stay in the mobile phone game is to offer the coveted unlimited data plan. When they got ahold of the iPhone, they confirmed that they will be offering it for Apple's device, stating that their 3G network would be able to handle it. Now, a PR person from Sprint has confirmed that they'll be offering unlimited data for their 4G LTE network as well.

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  6. Verizon to Introduce $2 Convenience Fee for Online and Phone Payments [UPDATED]

    A recently leaked memo indicates that Verizon really wants its customers to use autopay or electronic checks. So much so that it's going to start charging a $2 convenience fee to all customers who utilize the pay by phone or online payment option. The big idea, from Verizon's perspective, is to push their customers into modes of payments where Verizon won't have to foot a credit card fee. Of course, with a $2 fee rolling out, it might actually turn consistent, forgetful fee-payers into a better cash cow, but either way, the fee will make the situation a win-win for Verizon. That is, if they don't mind getting their customers a little bit angry.

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  7. Sprint Confirms Unlimited Data Plans for the iPhone

    In a world where mobile providers are axing or throttling their unlimited data plans left and right, Sprint is jumping into the fray, boldly offering two plans for the iPhone that come with unlimited data. The cheaper plan of the two, at $69.99, comes with 450 minutes, unlimited data and unlimited mobile to mobile. Upgrade to the $99.99 plan and you get unlimited data and unlimited calling in general. Not a particularly bad deal.

    Now, it's worth noting that while those are the costs of the plans, smartphone users have to pay a $10 charge on top for the luxury of having a smartphone. Sprint is now the only one offering unlimited plans for the iPhone specificially, so this will likely (hopefully for them) create an influx of customers. Whether or not their network can handle all the traffic is yet to be seen.

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  8. Apple Introduces New iPhone 4S and Features, No iPhone 5 In Sight

    This afternoon, Apple announced the iPhone 4S, the latest addition to the iPhone family. Focused on performance upgrades and incredible new software, the announcement defied the expectations of just about everyone and did not roll out at an iPhone 5. The new phones will be on sale on October 14th, presale on October 7th, for Verizon, AT&T, and newcomer Sprint. The 4S will come in three sizes: 64GB, 32GB, and 16GB retailing for $399, $299, and $199, respectively. iPhone 3Gs will continue to be sold, now free with an AT&T contract, as well as the original iPhone 4 for $99. Though there wasn't an iPhone 5, Apple did roll out a slew of improvements in the 4S, including an all new voice command system called Siri.

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  9. Watch the Apple iPhone 5 Announcement Live

    It's finally October 4th, and that means that it's time for Apple's big iPhone 5 announcement. Today will see freshly minted CEO Tim Cook's first outing as Apple's front man at a big product announcement, and will surely see the rumored iPhone 5 out in public for the first time. But on top of that are juicy rumors of a budget-minded "iPhone 4S," the possibility of Sprint picking up the iPhone on their networks, and continued speculation about what wireless standard this new phone will embrace. Unfortunately, Apple decided to axe their traditional live coverage of unveilings this time around, so there's no official live stream. Didn't get a ticket to Apple's iPhone announcement today? You could stand there sulking, telling yourself that it probably got lost in the mail, or you could check out one of these liveblogs and livestreams that (hopefully) will be bringing you the skinny straight from Cupertino. The show starts at 1 P.M. EST and 10 A.M. in California.

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  10. Google Wallet Rolls Out Without Red Carpet

    With no fanfare, Google Wallet launched today insofar that Google Wallet modules have been spotted out in the wild. Yesterday, TechCrunch reported on an email to Google Wallet partners that out-and-out said the launch would be today. Now, despite the fact that the official website still says "Coming Soon," a module was spotted at Peet's Coffee Shop in San Francisco.

    While Google Wallet is nothing to sneeze at, it sort of makes sense that it would roll out without the red carpet for a couple of reasons. The only currently compatable phone is the Nexus S 4G, which is only available with Sprint, and only in the U.S. Also, merchants need to have the Google Wallet module in order to take payments. and MasterCard is the only credit card partner for the moment. Suffice it to say not many of us are really able to use Google Wallet right out of the gate.

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  11. U.S. Government Sues to Block AT&T T-Mobile Merger

    As you may know, AT&T has had its sights set on T-Mobile for a while now, and the two had agreed that AT&T would be allowed to gobble up T-Mobile for a scant $39 billion. If you had your money on the merger getting blocked for antitrust violations, you were right. Today, the U.S. Government sued to block the merger on grounds that it would "substantially lessen competition," at which point AT&T's stock took a 5% hit. If the merger should happen to go through after all, we will see the birth of the largest mobile service provider in the United States.

    Due to cancelation language written into the merger agreement, AT&T has some significant incentives to fight these antitrust allegations. If the deal fails to go through, AT&T owes T-Mobile a check for $3 billion and reduced charges for dialing into AT&Ts network as part of a package that's worth somewhere around $7 billion.

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  12. Sprint Pushing Non-Deletable Apps to Android Phones

    If you're using an Android device on the Sprint network, you may have noticed some apps appearing mysteriously on your phone. No, your phone is not filled with bored ghosts, downloading games to amuse themselves. Apparently, Sprint has brokered deals with some companies to have their apps preloaded -- occasionally during firmware updates -- onto Android phones. Even more annoying is that these apps cannot be deleted by the user. CNet writer and Sprint customer Elinor Mills was able to get the skinny on the whole situation. A Sprint rep told her:

    "Sprint does offer a variety of partner applications that are optimized for use on our wireless phones, [...] From time to time, we will provide new apps to our customers in conjunction with a software maintenance release. Also, Sprint, in conjunction with Google, is taking steps to develop a technical solution that would allow customers to remove any unwanted applications that have been preloaded or pushed in an over-the-air software update."

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  13. Sprint Announces World’s First 4G Phone, HTC Evo – We Announce What “4G” Means

    Sprint, the country’s third largest wireless provider, announced the HTC Evo today, showcasing the world’s first 4G phone at the communication industry’s annual CTIA event in Las Vegas. This new phone is by all accounts a beautiful beast, decked out with a 4.3 inch screen, two cameras, and Android 2.1; but more importantly, it is the first phone to run on a 4G network.

    However, this souped-up phone raises one extremely important question: what exactly does 4G mean?

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