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Watch the Apple iPhone 5 Announcement Live

It’s finally October 4th, and that means that it’s time for Apple’s big iPhone 5 announcement. Today will see freshly minted CEO Tim Cook’s first outing as Apple’s front man at a big product announcement, and will surely see the rumored iPhone 5 out in public for the first time. But on top of that are juicy rumors of a budget-minded “iPhone 4S,” the possibility of Sprint picking up the iPhone on their networks, and continued speculation about what wireless standard this new phone will embrace.

Unfortunately, Apple decided to axe their traditional live coverage of unveilings this time around, so there’s no official live stream. Didn’t get a ticket to Apple’s iPhone announcement today? You could stand there sulking, telling yourself that it probably got lost in the mail, or you could check out one of these liveblogs and livestreams that (hopefully) will be bringing you the skinny straight from Cupertino. The show starts at 1 P.M. EST and 10 A.M. in California.

Since there’s no official stream, we’ll have to make do with what the Internet can provide. We’ll keep you updated as the even approaches.

UPDATE 1:06 Nobody seems to have a stream of the actual event, so please enjoy Leo Laporte and his cadre covering the event.

UPDATE 1:22 A lot of the liveblogs seem like they’re struggling. Try refreshing and keep your fingers crossed.

UPDATE 1:41 In the TWiT TV Stream we embedded below they’re saying that CNN is running a delayed stream of the event.



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