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  1. Activision Got YouTube to Pull North Korea’s Propaganda Video Over Modern Warfare 3 Footage

    I saw a propaganda video released by North Korea the other day, and did the obvious thing -- I made fun of its terrible production value. It was really bad. The highlight of the video from purely a graphics standpoint came when the video showed an American city burning. Why'd it look so good? Because North Korea stole the footage from Modern Warfare 3. The video has been removed from YouTube thanks to a complaint by Activision, the publishers of the game.

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  2. North Korea Threatens United States With Early ’90s CGI Technology [UPDATED]

    As North Korea gets ready to perform a nuclear test, they're also stepping up their propaganda efforts, or at least they're trying to do so. A video released by the country's official website on Saturday shows a dream sequence of a unified Korea, spaceflight, and an unspecified American city being bombarded with missiles. The whole thing would be more frightening if the CGI graphics weren't at best on par with Home Improvement scene transitions and at worst like something out of 1980s Doctor Who.

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  3. Propaganda Posters for the Office

    Artist Steve Thomas has made a series of propaganda posters for office use, covering such Glorious Management-disapproved activities as water cooler gossip and social media during company time. Strip the propaganda trappings and a lot of these are good advice.

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  4. The Best of Video Game Propaganda Posters

    There's been a resurgence in the trend of making old-timey propaganda posters for video games. Sometimes the end result is hilarious, sometimes the end result is extra creepy, and sometimes the end result convinces you to die for a clown-faced villain, because we all know the world is going to end halfway through the game anyway. Whatever the result, head on past the break to see if you're the type to be swayed by propaganda when it involves your favorite games displayed via video.

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  5. Video Game Propaganda Posters Need YOU

    Artist Steve Thomas has whipped up an awesome series of propaganda posters inspired by classic video games. Thomas' four propaganda posters pay homage to Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Joust, and Frogger, and they beat the pants off Kick-Ass' propaganda-inspired posters. (Sorry, but McLovin' telling you to "fight crime today" < Soviet-style Frogger.)

    See all four posters after the jump:

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