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  1. Archie Comics Is Out of Hoots To Give, Announces Archie Meets Predator For Spring 2015

    I'm so happy right now.

    *chinhands* Tell me more.

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  2. Shane Black Says His Predator Will Be A Super-Cool Sequel, Not A Reboot

    But...but I'm already at the chopper!

    Shane Black has clarified reports that he will be rebooting the 1987 Predator, saying his addition to the franchise will instead be an entirely new story mining the creatures' "rich mythology." So...female Predators? That's what you're telling us, right, Black?

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  3. If It Makes Money, We Will Reboot It: Predator And Doc Savage Updates

    Quick, everyone, cover yourselves in mud!

    A Predator reboot and more Chris Hemsworth for my (heat-seeking) eyeballs? To what do I owe the pleasure?

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  4. Baby Predator Is the Enemy of Humanity, Naptime


    Was that one picture we gave you of the baby Predator cosplayer at WonderCon not enough? Can you have enough baby Predator cosplay? Here's an entire photoshoot by photographer Albert Lien of Simply Colorful. You can see more pics at his Facebook page.

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  5. This Predator Cosplay is Lethally Cute

    Oh, that's why people have kids.

    If you think this mini-Predator from April's WonderCon Anaheim is impressive now, just wait until the cutie takes off the mask: anyone who sat through Predator 2 knows that expression. All this kid needs is a puppy dressed as an Alien and my heart would probably explode.

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  6. Baby Predator Steals The Show In Our 2014 WonderCon Cosplay Gallery

    Why Not Do It With Some Style?

    Power Rangers, look out! I mean, seriously, look out, there's an adorable child cosplaying Predator and you might step on the cuteness! Sigh. Our very own Alan Kistler attended WonderCon in California this past weekend and sent us a bunch of fun cosplay he saw including characters from Doctor Who, Disney, comics, and more!

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  7. Jean Claude Van Damme Hated Being the Predator, Because Its “Green Screen” Suit Looked Dumb

    It really was one ugly motherf***er.

    Did you know Jean Claude Van Damme was in the Predator cloaking suit? Maybe not, because no one properly explained to him that the bright red rubber suit he was wearing wouldn't actually appear on film, and he went uncredited. Thanks to this video, we now know the truth behind Van Damme's quest to finally show off his martial arts skills.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Facehugs For Everybody

    Things We Saw Today

    Joey Spiotto's Alien (and Predator) prints in the style of Little Golden Books are for sale. (See Geeks are Sexy for links to each.)

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  9. We’ve Got A New Use For Scrunchies – Action Figure Tutus

    Submitted For Your Approval

    So here's something new. According to Kotaku, "In the last twenty-four hours, it's become somewhat of a thing online in Japan to put hair scrunchies on figures. You see, the scrunchies look like dresses! The trend apparently began yesterday, after a 2ch user used a scrunchie to give a bikini wearing figurine a skirt. Since then, it's morphed into giving any figure a skirt." I can't believe I never thought of this before. Though to be fair, all my scrunchies are really stretched out these days. They'd probably only fit the Hulk.

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  10. Alien & Predator Play Video Games, Get Piercings, Are Besties

    It Came From Outer Space

    You might have this wild idea that Xenomorphs and Predators are mortal enemies. Not true. Pedro T Predator (aka Mark) is a cosplayer from the UK who spends a lot of time hanging out with Abi T Xeno, your friendly neighborhood Alien cosplayer. Anyone can stage a fight but can anyone make these two look adorable together? Take a look for yourself. (some images by Kerry Clark)

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  11. Alternate Endings To Robocop, TDKR, Home Alone, & More In Bottleneck Gallery’s New Show

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    The Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY recently held a show called "The Gang Is All Here," which featured some great teams from pop-culture. Next up is "Alternate Ending," where artists take some of our favorite films and either change the ending or add a scene to completely alter the ending. Over 50 artists will take part in the new show, which is co-curated with Silver Screen Society and opens this Friday at the gallery. Works that don't sell out at the opening will go on sale December 15 at 12pm eastern. Take a look. (images via Bottleneck Gallery, additional images via /Film)

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  12. Halo vs. Predator: Tales of an Unexpected Playdate

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Ever wondered what unlikely opponents Halo and Predator would be like if they dropped their usual intensity and just, like, hung out? At game night? Doing chores? Well, us either, but that doesn't lessen how fun it turns out to be to watch them do just that in this video. The best part's towards the end, so be sure to watch the whole thing. (via tipster Heidi)

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  13. A Cavalcade of Sci-Fi Characters Await You in this Marvelous Tatooine Mural

    What you see above is only a tiny piece of a larger mural done by Ulises Farinas that depicts Mos Eisley -- the most wretched hive of scum and villainy in the Star Wars universe. However, this version of the Tatooine crossroads of ne'er-do-wells is full of characters from other science fiction series. You'll see just about every Star Wars character from the original trilogy in the image, as well as some visitors from Star Trek, Doctor Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Predator, Batman, The Wizard of Oz, Fallout, and many more besides. It's a veritable Where's Waldo Lando of Sci-Fi goodness.

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  14. Keylogger Virus Found on Drone Pilots' Computers

    A recent story in Wired claims that the operators of the Reaper and Predator drone fleets are struggling against an enemy we can all relate to: Malware. According to the story's sources, which are unnamed, the computers used to remotely control drones around the world have been infected with a nasty keylogger that is resisting efforts to destroy it. If the article's sources can be believed, the problem is centered around a drone control facility at Nevada's Creech Air Force Base. Pilots on the base use computers to fly drones on missions in Pakistan, Afganistan, and around the world. With more and more missions being flown by these armed robotic aircraft, facilities like Creech have become hubs of activity for reconnaissance and more lethal operations. For security purposes, the computers on the base are not connected to the Internet in order to avoid any chance they could become infected. However, the Creech facility was one of the few places the Department of Defense (DoD) allowed USB flash drives to be used in order to transfer mission data between computers. It's believed that this special allowance was the point of entry for the keylogger virus, though its not clear if it was intentionally placed on the infected computers. This is, obviously, bad news for the Air Force, but it might not be as horrific as it seems.

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  15. LEGO Predator Bust is Intricate, Angry-Looking

    At this point, there is a pretty established tradition of building intricate, awesome things out of LEGOs, sans instructions. Despite the fact that this is nothing new, this Predator bust by Shawn Snyder might be the most awesomely-detailed, actually-kind-of-scary LEGO bust on record. Not only does it have eyebrows that are slanted angrily and all the appropriate fangs, but you'll also notice that its collection of skulls all appear to belong to different species of animal. Now if I can just find an awesome LEGO recreation of the alien from Alien, complete with inner-mouth, my life will be complete. More pictures after the jump.

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  16. DoD’s Airplane Plan: Fewer Fighters, Double the Drones

    The DoD has rolled out its airplane buying plan for the next thirty years in the highly speculative yet congressionally mandated Aircraft Procurement Plan 2012-2041. The document outlines the fleet size for the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and the Navy, giving some idea of what to expect in the coming years. Overall, the number of aircraft staying around the current size of 5,500, but the plan does show that the DoD is eager to get more drones into the fleet. For the most part, expansion is out. Bombers, cargo planes, and aerial refueling are staying at around their current levels. This doesn't mean that there will be no new developments in those areas -- the plan calls for a new bomber of some kind, and procurement of the new KC-164 aerial refueling craft -- but the total fleet sizes will remain untouched. There will even be some shrinkage, mostly in the fighter segment, which will drop by some 10% from the current 3,300 craft. This figure includes legacy fighters like the F-15 and F-16, in addition to the new F-22 and F-35. However, the number of mid-size to large unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will nearly double in the next nine years, going from about 340 to 650 by 2012.

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  17. Russian Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Books Will Make You Doubt Your Own Sanity

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Trust us. The above image is one of the more sane, but awesome, images in this repository of dozens of illustrations of what looks like a series of Russian TMNT knock offs. (Our favorite thing about it is how obvious it is that the person who drew Shredder didn't draw that triceratops) The series starts off weird, even for the Turtles, whose chief opponents were an evil samurai and a brain living in the stomach of a robot who hung out in a giant round tank-like fortress underground. But then you find the crossovers. Just... make sure you don't have anything to do a spit take with.

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  18. Geekolinks: 8/28

    Final Fantasy XIV Beta Starts Tuesday (Joystiq) StarCraft II Will Get Patched Next Month (Kotaku) True Blood's Stephen Moyer as Dr. Doom? (ScreenRant) Gummy Bear Art (FlavorWire) Questionable Predator Shirt (Fashionably Geek) Walk Like The Batman (Neatorama) Walk Like the Submariner (Bleeding Cool) (image via Topless Robot.)

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  19. The Coolest Sci-Fi Homage to Mt. Rushmore You’ll See Today [Pic]

    In his aptly titled work "Mt. BadA$$," DeviantARTist Fooray reimagines Mt. Rushmore as a monument not to great U.S. presidents, but to pillars of sci-fi and geekdom, with Iron Man, RoboCop, Boba Fett, and the Predator taking the places of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, respectively.

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  20. Superman’s 10 Strangest Battles With Non-Superheroes

    DC's announcement yesterday that they would release a limited-run, $250 statue of Superman fighting Muhammad Ali in homage to their classic 1978 comic book counter has stirred up a surprising amount of nostalgia from comic book fans. Hero Complex's Geoff Boucher: "I own about 9,000 comic books but ask me to pick my single favorite and I don't need to think twice. It's "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali," which (despite the smirk-inducing title) was a world-class knockout when it arrived in the fall of 1978 and remains an enduring classic all these years later."

    Superman's encounters with the likes of The Hulk, Galactus, and Spider-Man are undeniably inspiring of geekery, but we tend to put comic book characters, Marvel and DC alike, in the same shelves in our minds, which is why totally uncomiclike crossover battles are stranger still.

    After the jump, ten snapshots of Superman's encounters with the likes of The Terminator, Adolf Hitler, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe:

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