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Pope Benedict XVI

  1. Vatican Uses Comic Sans and Papyrus, Holiest of All Fonts, in New Pope eBook

    While the Vatican convenes to find a new pope, maybe they should also consider looking for a new graphic designer. Their new eBook about the recently retired pope titled Benedictus XVI is a 62-page photo essay of the former pope doing pope stuff with captions written in Comic Sans. There's no better way to get the message out that you haven't lost touch with the modern world than by writing that message in the most universally reviled font in existence.

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  2. Does The Pope Quit in the Woods? Benedict XVI Resigns, Here’s What Happens Now

    Pope Benedict VXI has shocked the world by resigning this morning, citing the ravages of age and poor health that, he feels have begun to prevent him from carrying out the duties of the office. While the office of Pope is not necessarily a lifetime appointment, stepping down from the post is exceedingly rare, and has been unheard of for the last 600 years.  The 85-year-old pontiff will continue poping it up -- the technical term for serving as Holy Father of the Catholic Church -- until the end of the month, while the College of Cardinals convenes to find his successor. Here's how they'll do it.

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  3. Adorable: The Pope Thinks He’s Beating Justin Bieber at Twitter

    In a sign that maybe the Vatican doesn't really understand this newfangled Twitter thing, they've announced that the Pope is beating Justin Bieber in the only category that counts: Retweets. If you're wondering how that statement can be true, don't bother, because it isn't. Don't worry, Pope, we're sure you're still beating Bieber in most giant hats. Probably.

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  4. Pope Benedict XVI Starts Tweeting, Doesn’t Quite Know What He’s Doing

    The entire Twitter community felt the holy vibes this morning when Pope Benedict XVI began tweeting in earnest on his once languid network profile. Within minutes, pious devotees, critics, and people who couldn't pass up the opportunity to crack a topical joke swarmed His Holiness' profile to communicate with Pope Benedict XVI directly. Tweeting under the moniker @Pontifex -- which is Latin for "bridge builder," but sounds more like the name of a dragon from Skyrim -- the Pope is dishing out the blessings and words of wisdom in 140 characters or less, but based on his tweets, it looks like there's a going to be a bit of a learning curve.

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  5. Pope’s Tweets Will Be Church Doctrine, #YOLO Could Be 11th Commandment [UPDATED]

    Remember when your parents signed up for Facebook? If you're Catholic, the news that Pope Benedict XVI has signed up for Twitter probably feels pretty similar to that. The Pope signed up yesterday, but has yet to make his first tweet. He has to be careful though, because whatever the Pope says on Twitter becomes official church doctrine. If the Pope's tweets are church doctrine, we assume anyone he retweets or favorites is officially declared a saint.

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  6. Pope Kicks Ox, Donkey, And Singing Angels Out of Nativity Scene

    In what can be loosely termed breaking Bible history news, the Pope has stated that the long held nativity traditions of Jesus sharing his birth barn with donkeys and oxen are inaccurate, and also that the angels on hand to attend the birth of Christ did not sing. Which seems like kind of a bummer thing to say, really.  Then again, we assume that the Pope knows his stuff when it comes to the Bible. He is, after all, the Pope, and you don't get that silly hat by not knowing what was happening when the son of God came onto the scene.

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  7. The Pope Endorses Social Media

    This year’s annual message from the Pope for the Church’s World Day of Social Communications shows a surprisingly warm attitude towards social media, though the Pope warns against “enclosing oneself in a sort of parallel existence, or excessive exposure to the virtual world.” Pope Benedict XVI: In the digital world, transmitting information increasingly means making […]

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