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  1. “100 Years of Hair and Makeup” Series Looks at the Fashions of the Philippines

    Cut Video has done it again!

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  2. League of Legends Tournament Reverses Restrictive Anti-Gay and Trans Ruling With Classic Non-Apology

    "Good discussion, team!"

    I imagine that when the team behind Garena Philippines woke up this morning, they were, to put it mildly, alarmed at their sudden international attention. But the good news is, they've seen the light! Sort of. We think. At least they're not doing the thing we were all mad at anymore.

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  3. All-Female League of Legends Tournament in Philippines Restricts Teams To Only One Gay or Trans Player


    Color me confused, but I didn't know being straight and cisgender made you worse at video games. Sure does explain a lot, though!

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  4. This Newly-Discovered Plant Is So Metal That It Eats Metal

    Rock on, plant-bro.

    Just last week, a new plant was discovered with shapeshifting powers to rival Mystique's. Now, scientists have discovered and even more hardcore plant - a plant that isn't satisfied with eating your regular old sunlight. No, this plant eats something way more metal: metal.

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  5. The Germ Alarm Will Shame Public Bathroom Rebels Into Washing Their Hands

    Just when you didn't think anyone could make public bathrooms worse.

    There are lots of times when I could really use an alarm to get me to remember things, but remembering to wash my hands in a public bathroom isn't one of them. Statistically speaking, there's still a pretty good chance that it's a problem for some people, so Safeguard has built the first hand washing-shaming soap dispenser alarm.

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  6. Philippine Internet to Become Barren Wasteland as Government Outlaws Cybersex, Online Nudity

    In response to the Philippines' very serious problem with sex trafficking, the government in power passed the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, which serves to outlaw cybersex, cam girls, and pretty much any scenario in which someone would think to point a web cam at their genitalia -- sorry, ChatRoulette, but your days are apparently numbered. This move, which would effectively ban something like 95% of the Internet and also crack down on organized crime, is no doubt well-intentioned, but may prove difficult to enforce? Yes, we believe so.

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  7. Science Somehow Managed to Not Notice These Bright Purple Crabs Until Recently

    While this bright purple and red crab seems impossible to overlook, it was only recently identified by a research team led by German scientist Hendrik Freitag from the Senckenberg Natural History Museum. Beautiful as it is, this crab -- Insulamon palawanense -- lives only in remote regions of the Philippine island Palawan which makes its future quite uncertain. 

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  8. Shooting Victim Inadvertently Catches His Killer in Family Photo

    Reynaldo Dagsa, a politician from The Philippines, took this haunting picture outside of his home just after midnight on New Year's Day. While he intended to take a picture of his family, Dagsa inadvertently photographed the gunman who would take his life. The man raising the gun in the photo, later identified as Michael Gonzales [crosshairs superimposed], was assisted by a lookout, who you can see behind Dagsa's family; according to local police, the two were "known car thieves and holduppers out on bail," and may have held a grudge against the politician for having them arrested in his capacity as a member of a local anticrime team. Dagsa, who was shot in the arm and in the chest, did not survive the shooting, but the photograph he took helped police catch his killers.

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