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Shooting Victim Inadvertently Catches His Killer in Family Photo


Reynaldo Dagsa, a politician from The Philippines, took this haunting picture outside of his home just after midnight on New Year’s Day. While he intended to take a picture of his family, Dagsa inadvertently photographed the gunman who would take his life. The man raising the gun in the photo, later identified as Michael Gonzales [crosshairs superimposed], was assisted by a lookout, who you can see behind Dagsa’s family; according to local police, the two were “known car thieves and holduppers out on bail,” and may have held a grudge against the politician for having them arrested in his capacity as a member of a local anticrime team.

Dagsa, who was shot in the arm and in the chest, did not survive the shooting, but the photograph he took helped police catch his killers.

Washington Post:

Police said Tuesday that Dagsa was shot seconds later and died of wounds by the time he reached a hospital. His family gave police the photo, which ran on the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s front page Tuesday.

Caloocan city police chief Jude Santos said a man identified as the gunman in the picture was arrested Monday. His accomplice also was arrested in a separate raid in Manila the same day, Santos said.

(Philippine Daily Inquirer, Washington Post via Reddit)

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