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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


What Boys Think of Girls

What Happens To Gendered Advertising When You Swap Audio & Video?

Some pretty interesting things, if we may be so bold. offers you the opportunity to choose the video from a few toy commercials aimed at boys, and the audio from commercials aimed at girls (or vice versa) and play the results. May I also take this moment to say I think I hate toy commercials of all kinds?

(via Tipster Robin)

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Ms. Pac-Man, The Femme Fatale

Komboh has prepared field identification charts for arcade games. Arm yourself with knowledge.


What Boys Think of Girls

Warner Bros. Animation Takes Issue With Girls Watching Their Programs

Does it ever feel like Warner Bros. thinks girls are icky? Here’s a story that may lend credence to that theory.


Great Moments in Advertising

Hunger Games Author Weighs In On Catching Fire Marketing

“I’m thrilled with the work Tim Palen and his marketing team have done on the film. It’s appropriately disturbing and thought-provoking how the campaign promotes ‘Catching Fire’ while simultaneously promoting the Capitol’s punitive forms of entertainment. The stunning image of Katniss in her wedding dress that we use to sell tickets is just the kind of thing the Capitol would use to rev up its audience for the Quarter Quell. That dualistic approach is very much in keeping with the books.”The Hunger Games series author Suzanne Collins speaking to Variety.

It’s an interesting statement from the author considering the conversations that have come up specifically in relation to the marking for Catching Fire. For instance, this Catching Fire TV spot brought to us by Subway (or this one), the Cover Girl campaign, or the nail polish released in tandem with the first film. Fans seem to fall anywhere from, “this makes sense,” to “this is so wrong.”

What do you think of their approach? Do they not go far enough to make the point shared in the novels?

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This Little Girl Has Something To Say About Black Widow Avengers Action Figures [VIDEO]

Hey, everyone…Riley seems angry. Should we be concerned she’ll Hulk-out? Perhaps. She takes issue with the lack of Black Widow action figures spinning out of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. And with good reason! That’s straight up…well, you know what, I’m not going to curse in a post about this adorable little girl speaking her mind about sexism. I will, however, say if I had a daughter, I’m pretty sure this is what she’d sound like. YOU GUYS, it’s like Black Widow doesn’t even EXIST!

But here’s the good news, Riley, a Black Widow Avengers action figure DOES exist. I’ve just never seen one in an actual store. But don’t worry, we’re working on it…

[Update: Thanks to eagle-eye commenter Myomorph for realizing this is the same little lady we posted a while back at an even younger age, speaking about gender issues in marketing.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Legendary Entertainment Pres Thinks the “Fanboy” Audience Isn’t Just Men Anymore

There’s buzz going around right now about how Pacific Rim, Legendary Entertainment’s $200 million, Guillermo del Toro-directed summer tentpole of a hopefully-blockbuster. Specifically, that it’s not trending so hot in audience interest and that folks are showing more attachment to Grown Ups 2, a situation that has a lot of film critics weeping into their pillows, I am sure. It’s certainly worrying for folks who like to see extravagantly funded original science fiction films come out of Hollywood, though it doesn’t necessarily appear to be a death knell for the movie (knock on wood). Certainly not to Legendary Entertainment’s president and chief creative officer, Jon Jashni,who says that appealing to the nerds first, and then widening the scope of their marketing was all in the plan.

What I’m most interested in, however, is who he considers to be in the “nerd” audience.


All this has happened before...

Unsurprisingly, Disney Says It’s Not Backing Down on That Merida Redesign

The recently controversial redesign Disney’s done in order to induct Merida of Brave into the canon of their other princesses isn’t the first time Disney has done a sparklier, cleaner, trimmer version of their princesses. But it’s caused particular backlash in part because Merida represented a different kind of femininity than most of her other princess counterparts.



Every Day Closer To The Walking Dead Premiere Means One Less Zombie Finger To Worry About

If you’re worried about zombie phalanges reaching out for your squishy flesh, worry no more! Thanks to an AMC advertisement for The Walking Dead in New York’s Grand Central Station Toronto’s Union Station, those trouble-makers’ days are numbered. What I want to know is, who guards the severed fingers? Because if I were a tourist, I’d totally be taking one of them home as a souvenir. Or, you know, if I just happened to find myself in Grand Central Union Station for any reason whatsoever.

(via Duck Duck Gray Duck)

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The Boob Tube

Your Next Verizon Cable Box May Be Able To Watch And Listen To You In Your Own Home

If you thought mannequins watching you while you shop was a creepy thought, what about your DVR watching you on the couch? This is the future Verizon has in store for targeted marketing. 



Why Games With Female Protagonists Don’t Sell, and What It Says About The Industry

So, here’s a question: why are female video game protagonists so rare? Their absence is palpable, and we talk often of how we want to see more of them, but the why of it is typically addressed with generalizations about target audiences and a lack of women in game development. Penny Arcade Report senior editor Ben Kuchera wanted better answers than that, so he did what any red-blooded gamer would do — he found some numbers to crunch.