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People Were Not Lovin’ McDonald’s International Women’s Day McFeminism

The "W" stands for "Why?"

Corporations using feminism as a marketing tool is nothing new, and while it can sometimes be a tricky line between genuinely empowering and an empty gesture, there are some truly baffling campaigns. Cast in point, the McDonald’s McFeminsim® sign that flipped the golden arches upside-down. It’s a W for “Women,” you see!

The “W” appeared at a location in Lynwood California, and 1oo others announced flipped logo on packaging and merchandise. Now, the change itself was relatively harmless. If it only just a gesture to build awareness, it’d mostly be on-par with an insignificant “Happy International Women’s Day” tweet from any company. However, the backlash arrived when many pointed out the hypocrisy of the fast-food chain celebrating its female employees while mistreating many of them.

The W sign, unfortunately, was not big enough to hide instances of McDonald’s mishandling sexual harassment cases, workers strikes, and exploitation abroad.

(via Buzzfeed, image: screencap)

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