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Los Angeles

  1. L.A.’s Blastoff Comics Brings Newbies to Comics On Free Comic Book Day

    Those of us who are regular comic readers adhere to a very particular calendar. New comics are released every Wednesday, San Diego Comic Con happens every summer, and Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Chris Pratt Has The Most Polite Son And It Makes Him Cry

    He also tells Ellen about how much he loves Fireball whisky, which, as we all know, is from the devil.

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  3. Art Gallery Will Display Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence As Part of a Commentary On “Privacy In the Digital Era”

    HELL NO.

    Hey, you know what's salt in the wound after your private photos have been stolen and spread around the Internet for all to see? An artist deciding to use those photos as part of an exhibit, because ART.

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  4. L.A. Mayor Tries to Convince George Lucas to Build Museum There, With Hilariously Last-Minute Twitter Campaign

    "The shield is down! Commence attack on the Lucas main reactor!"

    George Lucas and his wife are planning on building a cultural arts museum devoted to his legacy, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti really, really wanted them to build it in his fair city. So he took to Twitter with an obviously well-thought out and totally foolproof campaign, perhaps hoping that Lucas would not be able to repel hashtags of that magnitude. It definitely went extremely well—for people who like hearing snarky jokes about L.A.

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  5. Showtime Ramps Up Penny Dreadful Advertising With Creepy Interactive Window Display That Follows Passersby

    Cool, I'm not going to have nightmares about women in feathered hats tonight.

    While Showtime has made the first episode of Penny Dreadful available online already, they certainly aren't pulling any punches when it comes to promoting its May 11th premiere, as evidenced by the elaborately interactive displays they've placed in New York and Los Angeles for the next two weeks.

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  6. L.A. Science Teacher Suspended for Teaching Science

    We've seen what happens to down-on-their-luck high school science teachers, and it's not pretty.

    Science can be dangerous, and apparently so can teaching it. A Los Angeles high school science teacher was suspended back in February, because two students made science projects that administrators of the Unified Los Angeles Schooled District deemed "dangerous." You're doing education wrong, administrators.

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  7. Marvel To Film Netflix TV Shows in New York City, So Suck It, Los Angeles

    FUGGEDABOUDIT *explodes*

    What, LA, you think you're better than us with your Mediterranean climate and your giant television studios? Well you can cool it over there, pal, because Marvel just announced that they'll be filming their Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Powers shows in New York, where we'll get to stalk them at our leisure.

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  8. Everyone Be Good, Because KrampusFest Is Coming

    Either that, or lean how to escape from a sack.

    Every major city in the U.S. has a "Santacon" now, where folks dress up like Santa Claus and run around drinking and starting fights. In NYC, it's basically the worst thing ever. So we're pretty jealous of Los Angeles for scheduling its first ever "Krampusfest," inspired by the mythological Christmas monster that terrorizes naughty children.

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  9. Faster Than A Speeding Bullet: Elon Musk Reveals the Hyperloop

    Elon Musk worked all night on this? What a procrastinator.

    Well, it's here. So here's what's going on with Elon Musk's Hyperloop scheme for building a high-speed maglev transit system, which he calls "a new mode of transport – a fifth mode after planes, trains, cars, and boats."

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  10. We’re Anxiously Awaiting Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Announcement

    The Internet isn't a series of tubes, but Hyperloop probably is.

    PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is going to lay out his latest futurist idea today at 1:30 PDT (4:30 Eastern). It's called the Hyperloop, and it's a transit system that can go between San Francisco to Los Angeles in only 30 minutes using magnetic levitation and Futurama-esque vacuum tubes.

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  11. That’s It, We’re Moving: Seven-Foot-Tall Bruce Lee Statue Unveiled in L.A.’s Chinatown

    On a related note, every statue of Bruce Lee that's ever been erected has also been shirtless.

    Geekosystem's office is in New York City, and while I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, I've got to admit that we have terrible pop culture-centic statues compared to some other cities. Philadelphia has Rocky, Milwaukee has The Fonz, Palm Springs had that enormous Marilyn Monroe -- heck, Detroit's getting a RoboCop! And what do we have? A statue of Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners hanging out next to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It's practically a slap in the face. So the news that the Chinatown district of Los Angeles recently erected a seven foot tall statue of Bruce Lee, in all his shirtless nunchuck-slinging glory, has me a bit miffed. We have a loudmouth bus driver and they have Bruce Lee? Man, screw New York.

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  12. L.A. Officially Names Intersection After Ray Bradbury Even Though He Didn’t Drive

    Ever since Ray Bradbury, science fiction guru and author of works like The Martian Chronicles, passed away back in June, folks have been tossing around the idea of renaming something in Los Angeles after the late writer. Recently, the idea came to rename an intersection after the man. Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council voted to rename the downtown intersection at Fifth and Flower to Ray Bradbury Square. This is somewhat amusing, as Bradbury didn't drive.

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  13. The Drifting Man [Video]

    YouTube user DENJCA29 set up a camera with the intention of creating a 24-hour timelapse video near his home in downtown L.A.. What he didn't intend was to capture this strange footage of a man slowly "drifting" across the frame. The video is sped up eight-times normal speed, so the events you see unfolded over about five minutes. Who this drifting gentleman is will probably remain forever a mystery. (via Daily What)

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