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In Today’s World-Ending News: It “Snowed” in LA Today

The Hollywood sign stands in front of snow-covered mountains after another winter storm hit Southern California on March 1.

Welp. I just wanted to go on Twitter and find memes about The Bachelor. Instead, all I got was a bunch more evidence that the world is ending.

Some things just don’t happen: penguins don’t fly, horses don’t vomit, and Los Angeles doesn’t experience snow. Except, well, climate change must be feeling attention-starved, because she really let Burbank have it today:

So okay, yeah, it’s technically not real snow, it’s graupel (something in between snow and hail), but this is still pretty bonkers. I haven’t experienced a winter like this down here in many, many years, and never to this extreme. Usually, these kinds of winters were reserved for very particular storm seasons in NorCal, and only lasted a day or so.

But “snow,” in SoCal? I’m surprised the city didn’t shut down. I mean, Portland’s been getting caked with snow, and that cold-weather-resilient city had to shut down for several days. I’m gritting my teeth for LA, Angelinos can hardly drive in mild rain, let alone graupel. You fools better keep it together, I’ve got shit to do this weekend!

The kind of “severe” weather that we’re used to down here is our summers and autumns easily reaching the 100s. I remember in high school, on my way to PE, one of my classmates put a tray of raw cookie dough on the dashboard of his car and left it out. When we all came back, the cookies were completely cooked and safe to eat. And they were so good, you could smell them from across campus. I’m fairly certain he charged money for them (smart).

What’s really mind-boggling is I don’t even live an hour away from Burbank, yet the weather on my end of town has been pretty mild all day. Climate change is really continuing to sneak up on us in strange, unsettling, harbinger-y ways, but I know if I think too hard about it, I’ll just have a panic attack.

So you know what? You random people who happened to have time to go to Disneyland on a Wednesday, good for you I guess, you got to see it like this:

(featured image: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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