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international tabletop day

  1. A Warm Fuzzy Gallery Of Our Readers’ Tabletop Day Pictures

    Today in Awesome

    Whenever you put out a call for reader pictures, there's always the slight fear that no one will come to the party. But you guys didn't just send pictures -- you sent bucketloads. More than we knew what to do with. You shared stories, too, and your enthusiasm was entirely contagious. It was a perfect summation of everything that Tabletop Day stands for, and it made your weekend editor very happy indeed. Quickly, before we get mushy -- on to the pictures!

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  2. Happy International Tabletop Day! And Happy First Contact Day, Too!

    Make It So

    Today, tabletop gamers around the world are celebrating the sublime pleasure of chucking dice and flipping cards (you are going to send us pictures of your game day, right?). And on this day forty-nine years from now, Zefram Cochrane will become the first human to travel in a faster-than-light vessel, thus initiating first contact with the Vulcans. Whether you spend today destroying your friends' defenses or decorating cupcakes with delta shields -- or both -- it is a good day to be a geek. You'll be comforted to know that even in the age of holodecks, friends will still make time to sit around tables and game together. Though this clip focuses on three-dimensional chess, I believe the lesson learned here can be applied to any game of strategy. Kotra, for example. Or kadis-kot.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Avant-Garde Watercolor Wonder Woman

    Things We Saw Today

    Does this count as cubism? It's been a long time since Art Appreciation for Non-Majors. (via So Geek Chic, artwork by Adam Lister)

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  4. Attention, Gamers: If You’re Celebrating International Tabletop Day, We Want Your Pics!

    Calling all dice rollers, deck shufflers, and dungeon masters! Tomorrow is International Tabletop Day, and we want pics of our readers' respective festivities. Why? Because games are awesome, and quite frankly, so are you. Here’s the way we see it: Tabletops are crazy good fun, and a great way to bring people together. At The Mary Sue, we are all about those things. However, as we live on the internet, this is a difficult day for us to host a celebration for. So, unless reliable transporters appear on the mass market in the next twenty-four hours, we invite you to share your day with us. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing card games, board games, miniatures, or pen-and-paper stuff. We want to see it all -- from the laziest Munchkin match to the lengthiest Arkham Horror session. Should you accept this quest, we’ll need the following:

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  5. Happy International TableTop Day! Here’s a Bunch of Games You Should Play

    Today, March 30th, is International TableTop Day! Hooray! You should really be playing some kind of game involving a tabletop, but we'll let it slide if you haven't started yet. There's still time. In case you can't get a group together to play, though, you can always watch us play Star Trek: Catan. We recorded a game from earlier this week for exactly this purpose. We also have a whole mess of suggestions for you, if you are going to play something, after the jump.

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  6. 7 Role-Playing Games You Should Play on International TableTop Day

    Even non-gamers have typically played at least one card or board game at some point in their life, but not everyone's necessarily tried a role-playing game. And if you haven't played any RPGs, well, why the heck not? International TableTop Day, which is tomorrow, is a good opportunity to get started. Go pick up an RPG sourcebook at your local game store or just download a PDF online. There's tons of free RPGs out there. But here are 7 role-playing games you should really consider.

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  7. 11 Card Games You Should Play on International TableTop Day

    International TableTop Day is still on the way (March 30th), and you know what deals out really well on a good, hard tabletop surface? Cards, and there are some really good card games out there. No, of course I'm not going to be talk about poker, cribbage, Texas hold 'em, rummy, or bridge. I'm not even talking about Go Fish. Leave that old deck of 52 standard playing cards right where it is in that junk drawer of yours. It's time to try out some newer cards with this list of 11 card games you need to know about -- some of which you absolutely must try for yourself.

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  8. 10 Board Games You Should Play on International TableTop Day

    International TableTop Day is March 30th. If you're a gamer -- board, card, video, role-playing, whatever -- then rock on, friend. Keep on fighting the good fight by recruiting new gamers! If you're not, and the last board game you played was years ago and it was Risk (meh), Monopoly (OMG boring), or Battleship (may God have mercy on your soul), then you really need to take this opportunity to try something else. For everyone's sake. The 30th, okay? Here is a list of 10 board games which you should know about. Consider trying at least one of them.

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