11 Card Games You Should Play on International TableTop Day

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International TableTop Day is still on the way (March 30th), and you know what deals out really well on a good, hard tabletop surface? Cards, and there are some really good card games out there. No, of course I’m not going to be talking about poker, cribbage, Texas hold ’em, rummy, or bridge. I’m not even talking about Go Fish. Leave that old deck of 52 standard playing cards right where it is in that junk drawer of yours. It’s time to try out some newer cards with this list of 11 card games you need to know about — some of which you absolutely must try for yourself.

As a fantasy nut and Dungeons & Dragons nerd, I apologize in advance for not including Magic: the Gathering in this list. Look, I know that legions of fans can’t be wrong — it’s popular for a reason, and, as an aside, I’ve no doubt that D&D was kept alive by Wizards of the Coast because of M:tG — but I just don’t find the game to be, well, fun. Smart, strategic, addictive, and wallet-opening, yes.

But I’m all about fun. And storytelling, and laughing. So don’t kill me, Magic fans. Just see if any of these might also interest you.

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