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Happy International Tabletop Day! And Happy First Contact Day, Too!

Make It So

Today, tabletop gamers around the world are celebrating the sublime pleasure of chucking dice and flipping cards (you are going to send us pictures of your game day, right?). And on this day forty-nine years from now, Zefram Cochrane will become the first human to travel in a faster-than-light vessel, thus initiating first contact with the Vulcans. Whether you spend today destroying your friends’ defenses or decorating cupcakes with delta shields — or both — it is a good day to be a geek.

You’ll be comforted to know that even in the age of holodecks, friends will still make time to sit around tables and game together. Though this clip focuses on three-dimensional chess, I believe the lesson learned here can be applied to any game of strategy. Kotra, for example. Or kadis-kot.

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