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  1. The “Christmas Tinner” Canned Meal Looks Too Ridiculous to Be True, Because It’s Probably Not

    This is just a weird British gamer joke, right?

    It's Christmas morning. You've unpacked a load of new games and are pumped to keep playing. Then dinner time rolls around. What are you going to do? Pause and go talk to your family? OF COURSE NOT! You're going to do the only logical thing -- stuff your face full of nine layers of canned Christmas. At least that's what U.K. company GAME thinks.

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  2. IKEA or Death is the Web Game that Puts Your Knowledge of Furniture and Death Metal to the Test

    It is not a site that puts you to death for buying furniture. We're pretty sure it's not anyway.

    Web game IKEA or Death finally does something useful with those nonsensical IKEA product names. Yeah, we know, they're Swedish, not nonsense, but that doesn't do anything to help us uncultured Americans. Foreign languages frighten and confuse us.

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  3. British Retail Chain GAME Offers Lock-In Preview Events for Customers, Dead Space 3 First Up

    Too bad none of us gamers here at Geekosystem are living across the pond right now, because if we were, we'd actually have something to look forward to this January. British retail chain GAME -- think GameStop, but with more delightful accents and local idioms -- has recently announced that 18 store locations are geared to host lock-ins: Preview events where customers can sign up to play the hottest upcoming game releases months in advance after GAME's closing hours. This month, GAME has worked with EA and Visceral Games to showcase playable demos of the highly anticipated Dead Space 3. With so many people likely lining up to play one of the most heart-pounding survival horror games in existence, you can bet there will be plenty of terrified shrieks and expletives abound.

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  4. Minecraft 1.8 Has Been Leaked

    Sometime this afternoon a more-or-less stable version of Minecraft 1.8 was leaked on to these great wide webs. The update, which has been long-awaited by fans of the game, will add several new features to the Minecraft experience. Including new terrain, lighting engines, and the terrifying Endermen. There is some chatter on Reddit that the leak may be intentional. Considering that the file is available from a Mojang domain, specifically at, and that earlier today developer Jens Bergensten said he would be uploading the game for "expert users." That, and the fact that Mojang founder Notch is encouraging people to report the bugs they find, makes this sound fairly legit. Regardless of the motivation behind the leak, all accounts are that the game is still buggy. I'll see if I can resist running it myself, but I doubt that will last. (via @notch)

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  5. Now, It’s Possible to Preorder Used Games

    In a partly brilliant, partly terrifying move, UK video games retailer GAME has started a trial run of pre-orders for used games. Brilliant, because sometimes you simply don't have enough money for a new game, but can't ever find a used copy. Terrifying, because this opens up the door for more developers to begin using one-time-use feature-enabling codes that don't work on used games in order to cut down the sales of said used games, due to used games generating a profit that game developers don't receive.

    Also terrifying, because think of the possibilities: Used game pre-order DLC bonuses. "My god," I say as I dramatically remove my glasses. "My god."

    (via MCV)

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  6. A Facebook Game We Might Actually Play: Monty Python’s The Ministry of Silly Games

    We can't be the only people in the universe who ever took a crack at the computer game Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, but judging by its comically sparse Wikipedia page, we don't have much company. To summarize: imagine that Myst took place in a setting made out of every Monty Python sketch ever. Those same puzzles based on figuring out the underlying logic of the setting are now based on the logic of the Dead Parrot sketch or similar. Now, imagine that just as you think you are completing the game by assembling all the ingredients for salmon mousse; you instead unlock the second half of the game, which takes place in a completely different setting that makes the last one look as straight forward and causal as a Dick and Jane book. Which is why if Monty Python makes a game, even a Facebook game, we are down for that.

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  7. Rumor: New GoldenEye?

    GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is one of those titles that has lived far beyond its time: the time of its release, the time of its original console, and the time when its graphics would be considered at all revolutionary. Even today, if you're not interested in playing a well tooled first person shooter with three friends who are actually in the room with you, you can always put in the bigheads code and set the game to one-hit-kill and slappers only in order to enjoy a pantswettingly hilarious hour or so. As it turns out, this thirteen year old game may very well be getting some kind of an update.

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