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IKEA or Death is the Web Game that Puts Your Knowledge of Furniture and Death Metal to the Test

It is not a site that puts you to death for buying furniture. We're pretty sure it's not anyway.



Web game IKEA or Death finally does something useful with those incomprehensible IKEA product names. Yeah, we know, they’re Swedish, not nonsense, but that doesn’t do anything to help us uncultured Americans. Foreign languages frighten and confuse us.

Capitalizing on that confusion, IKEA or Death will show you a word that is either an IKEA product or a death metal band, and it’s up to you to choose correctly. Whether or not your answer is right, you’ll be treated to a little history on a metal band, or you’ll get a description of IKEA furniture that kind of makes you feel like you’re on The Price is Right.

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Here are some examples of words you might come across in the game: absu, craft, vittsjö, akercocke, klubbo, bastig, and boholmen.

We could tell you which is which, but that would spoil the fun. Perhaps you have an especially keen knowledge of metal and IKEA furniture. Maybe IKEA has just been one big joke to you ever since 500 Days of Summer. Either way, you should go give the game a try for yourself at At the end, you’ll be rewarded by your score and another fun foreign word to describe how metal you are.

OK, enough talk. Time to go try to beat our scores.

(via IKEA or Death, image via LAB IKEA)

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