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  1. NASA Planning A Mission To Europa To Determine If It’s Habitable

    The White House's 2016 budget request for NASA is $18.5 billion dollars, and a large chunk of that sweet, sweet space cash is going to fund a mission to "the destination within the solar system most likely to harbor current life": Jupiter's icy moon, Europa.

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  2. Our Friend Bill Nye Did an AMA, Here Are Our Favorite Answers!

    And could we see a return of "The Science Guy" to television?

    Our Friend Bill Nye and some of his friends did a Reddit AMA today about searching for life on Jupiter's moon Europa. Nye's answered touched on some other excited subjects like the possibility of his return to television!

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Ellen’s Oscar Selfie, Simpsons‘d

    Things We Saw Today

    Damn you, Bradley Cooper. I knew he looked too nice. (Twitter, via Deadline)

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  4. NASA Finally Starting a Mission to Search Jupiter’s Moon Europa for Life


    Things are about to get a little bit more 2010: Odyssey Two at NASA as they're finally preparing to go searching Jupiter's moon, Europa, for life. It's still a few years off at this point, but a robotic mission to sample the waters of Europa may be the best chance we have to find life elsewhere in our solar system.

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  5. NASA’s Budget For 2014 Is Better Than We Ever Hoped, Bill Nye Has An Open Letter To Obama

    Shoot for the moon, NASA, and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. J/K That's not how space works.

    Despite fears of cuts, NASA's budget for 2014 was revealed on Monday and is good news for the continuation of current expeditions, future projects, and our friend Bill Nye.

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  6. Scientists Say Europa, Not Mars, Is Best Place To Search For Life

    Searching for life on Mars is all the rage right now. We've covered the Curiosity rover mission quite a bit here at Geekosystem, because NASA shot a robot at a planet, landed it safely on the surface, and now that robot is drilling and sending back data. That's amazing. As amazing at it is, though, some scientists think we should be using our resources to look for life in a more likely spot -- Jupiter's moon Europa.

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  7. Lake Vostok Devoid Of Microbes, Bad News For Prospect Of Life Elsewhere In Solar System

    Earlier this year, a team of Russian-led engineers and researchers drilled a hole into the Earth, breaking into Lake Vostok, a liquid water lake sealed beneath the ice of Antarctica for nearly 15 million years. They were looking for signs of life in the lake -- microbes that might offer clues to what sort of creatures we could expect to run into on icy moons elsewhere in the solar system, like Saturn's satellite Europa. This week, the first analyses of water samples from the lake are in, and they're pretty disheartening. Lake Vostok appears to be devoid of microbial life.

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