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Things We Saw Today: Ellen’s Oscar Selfie, Simpsons‘d

Things We Saw Today

Damn you, Bradley Cooper. I knew he looked too nice. (Twitter, via Deadline)

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io9 has pictures and character descriptions from Penny Dreadful, Showtime’s upcoming League of Extraordinary Victorian Horror Villains-type show. Above is Billie Piper’s character, Brona Croft, described as “is a poor Irish immigrant to Victorian London trying to escape a dark and sordid past. The Gaelic meaning of her name is ‘sadness,’ yet she remains lovely, spirited, and erotically alive.” Is “erotically alive” more or less cheesy than “tragic gravitas“?

  • NASA wants to launch a mission to Europa, Jupiter’s potentially life-supporting moon, by 2025. (Neatorama)
  • You know who’s probably pleased about that? Bill Nye. Do you maybe want to ask him a question about it? And have him answer it on StarTalk Live? Geekosystem can make that happen.

“Look who’s got the best bookmark ?!” Yes, Tumblr user theunicornsaver, it’s you. (Nerd Approved)

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