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  1. Butterflies Continue to Be Nature’s Greatest Monsters, Also Drink the Tears of Crocodiles

    Although, to be fair, so are crocodiles.

    Fun fact: the phrase "crocodile tears" comes from an ancient belief that crocodiles cry for the prey that they're eating. It's completely false, of course, but who knows? Maybe they would be crying if a whole bunch of asshole butterflies didn't swoop down and suck the tears right out of their scaly faces first.

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  2. Turns Out Crocodiles Are Great at Climbing Trees and Nowhere Is Safe

    Next you'll be telling us sharks can swim in fresh water. Oh, wait.

    If your plan of escape in the event of a crocodile attack involves scampering to safety up in a tree, you might want to revise that-turns out that crocodiles are great at climbing fences, tree trunks, and probably scaling the wall into your bedroom window.

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  3. Don’t Freak Out Or Anything, But Crocodiles Have Supersenses

    Just in case, maybe you should get the Outback Hunters on speed-dial.

    Crocodilians -- that's the technical term for crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and other scary, scaly creatures -- apparently weren't terrifying enough predators with their big teeth and powerful jaws. Nature had to give them weapons that no other vertebrate possesses -- namely, sensory organs that allow them to detect touch, temperature, chemical stimuli, and pressure wavesGreat. At least now we know more about how those sensors work, according to a new study. That likely won't save us from our future crocodile overlords, but at least it will make us feel like we understand why there is no escape from our future as slaves to our reptile masters.

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  4. Hong Kong Customs Agents Bust Smugglers With $1 Million Worth of Endangered Seahorses, Crocodile Meat

    Customs agents in Hong Kong busted an ambitious smuggler carrying about $1 million worth of illicit cargo, including dried endangered seahorses and crocodile meat. Though it's an abhorrent crime and we hope the folks behind it are locked up for a good long time, as poachers should be, we can't help but grant the smugglers points for common sense. After all, if you're going to try and smuggle a crocodile into a place, it's really best to do so once someone more capable has already converted the creature into a series of steaks and fillets. Anything else just sounds exceptionally dangerous.

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  5. Crocodile’s Jaws Are Armor Plated, But Still As Sensitive As A Human Fingertip

    Crocodile researchers have discovered an unexpected organ associated with the famously toothsome and heavily armored reptile -- one that makes the monstrous creature's jaws one of the most sensitive body parts in the animal kingdom. Crocodile's mouths are lined with tiny, dome-shaped structures that are packed with nerve endings, rendering the massive, powerful jaws as sensitive as human fingertips, says a study published today in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

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  6. This Crocodile Turned Orange

    Snappy, an 8-foot-2-inch crocodile, turned orange. Not from eating a bunch of carrots and tomatoes like that one episode of Scrubs would have you believe, but because Snappy attacked a water filter at his enclosure at the Roaming Reptiles park in Australia. A few weeks after the attack, owner Tracey Sandstrom notice Snappy changed color. Sandstrom hasn't noticed the color change affecting Snappy in any negative way, noting that Snappy still has a healthy appetite and is doing everything he always did prior to the filter attack.

    Crocodile expert Graham Webb guessed that something in the water changed the croc's color, iron, tannins from leaves, or red algae that oxidizes when it dries. Webb noted that the tongue was not colored, which lends credence to the theory that the color change came from oxidization when drying while Snappy basked in the sun, due to the tongue being unlikely to dry out from basking, whereas the skin would be. Though the bright orange look might be a sleek new style for the crocodile, he is expected to change back to his normal color at some point. Head on past the break to see another, somewhat terrifying picture of the orange crocodile.

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  7. Seriously Massive Crocodile Captured Alive in Philippines UPDATED

    Villagers of the Bunawan township in the Agusan del Sur province captured a saltwater crocodile, weighing in at over one ton, along a creek after a three-week hunt. Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde said the crocodile was witnessed attacking and killing a water buffalo last month, and is also suspected of attacking a fisherman who went missing in July.

    After a team of hunters saw the crocodile at a nearby creek, they set four traps, but the crocodile destroyed them, so the hunters replaced the destroyed traps with sturdier ones that employed the use of steel cables, which managed to ensnare the crocodile. The crocodile weighed in at 2,370 pounds, so around 100 people had to lug the fella from the creek to a clearing, where it was loaded onto a truck via a crane.

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