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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

Joss Whedon Officially Signs on to Direct Avengers Sequel, Develop Live-Action Avengers TV Series

It’s official: Joss Whedon, King of Fandom, has signed on to write and direct the sequel to Marvel’s smash hit The Avengers, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. But that’s not all: In addition to his work on the next Avengers feature film, Whedon will be helping to develop that new live-action Marvel series at ABC that we’ve been hearing so much about. Joss Whedon is coming back to television.

We have to admit, when we were writing this post yesterday we were hoping in the back of our minds that the super-secret super-respected writer del Toro mentioned was Whedon. And, well, this is close enough for us.

Whedon signed on for a two-year exclusive contract with Marvel; he will continue to manage/direct/write/champion the franchise of the most successful superhero movie of all time, and just in general will “also contribute creatively to the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe,” according to Marvel’s statement last night.

We’re still (excuse the wordplay) marveling at the fact that Whedon signed an exclusive contract with the company. This means that Whedon will not be able to do any other new TV or film projects until 2015. Which would make sense if you’re talking about essentially any other writer/director, as Avengers is such a monstrously huge project to undertake that most people would probably buckle under the pressure of just the one film. But this is Joss Whedon we’re talking about; he shot an entirely different film during his only two weeks off from the first Avengers production.

The exclusivity should not get in the way of Whedon’s current to-do list, though, so rest easy; we should still be getting Dr. Horrible 2 (please oh please; Marvel, we will be having words if we do not), and we’re definitely getting Much Ado About Nothing.

We’re kind of already crazy-excited for The Avengers 2; If there’s anybody whose creative integrity we think can stand up to a big-budget sequel, it’s Master of Long-Form Storytelling Whedon (are we the only ones who call him that?).

We’ve also been begging the universe for years to bring him back to the television world; despite how much we love what he did with Avengers, we still think that’s where he shines. And while we still hold out hope that one day he’ll find a home at a nice cable network that will let him explore creatively and be less likely to crush our dreams with cancellation, we’re just always psyched for more Joss.

(via LA Times, Blastr, Comics Beat, MTV, Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Calum Syers

    So, any guess to how (fingers crossed) Nathan Fillion will inevitably be put in all this? Maybe as some sleazy governemnt official trying to shutdown S.H.IE.L.D, or something.

  • Anonymous

    First question in every interview from now till release…

    What About Coulson?

  • m h

    No mention of “Wastelanders?” Since Warren Ellis hasn’t said anything, I’ll assume it’s still getting made.

  • Ibong Apoy | PusaCat

    Great news, but wouldn’t it be a bit of a conflict of interest considering that BTVS is ongoing with a different publisher? 

  • Mark Brown

    Phil Coulson: Agent of SHIELD

    Forced to keep a low profile, with no official backup or sanction (since the Avengers think he’s dead), would give a handy excuse to avoid the movie’s big names and keep to a TV-sized budget. It’d also let the movies either ignore him or use his “resurrection” as a big reveal for those who don’t watch the show..

  • Tommy Day

    This will make Avengers 2 my most hyped movie ever most likely.  I was so convinced that Marvel wouldn’t get him back.  Come on 2015!

  • John Wao

    …and there was much rejoicing…Yay!….

  • Jill Pantozzi

    He’s only exclusive for TV and film, not comics. 

  • John Wao

     How about the Patriot?

  • Life Lessons

    Sing Hallelujah!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    what’s a cheap way to get the marvel universe without showing the special effects…No spider-man, no fantastic four, no mutants.

    So not in NY. A SHIELD Academy might be nice. Or Avengers Academy. A procedural kindah like Bendis’ Powers

  • Sabrina

     I’d watch that! <3

  • Anonymous

    :dance of the happy: Woot! So stoked they got him on lock for all the Avengers stuff! Plus he will be on ABC so he won’t get canceled in a season (F U FOX!! YOU CANCLED FIREFLY YOU PIECES OF…:blink: sorry I’m still bitter)

  • mwakholi

    The Patriot is black so…how about no, no, good lord no.

  • S. E. Roberts

    Didn’t watch the Avengers, don’t plan on seeing it now and will never see it’s sequel or series.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    And yet, you take time to comment on an Avengers story…

  • Ibong Apoy | PusaCat

    Ah, thanks for clarifying that then!