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    Dan is a video game modding hobbyist and secret ninja who lives in New Jersey.

  1. Casting Call for “Girlfriends of Silicon Valley” Is Pretty Much the Worst

    Nope, there wouldn't be.

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  2. Perfect Human Helen Mirren Even Sounds Dignified Breathing Helium and Making Fart Jokes

    Helen Mirren stopped by The Tonight Show to explain how she only sounds like a queen—not the queen—hype her upcoming Woman in Gold, and nearly pass out from talking too much while inhaling helium. Alright, I promise this is our last random Helen Mirren love letter post for the day (no I don't).

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  3. Google Maps Will Now Turn Any Street Into a Playable Pac-Man Level

    No joke.

    April Fools day isn't until tomorrow, but Google has added a silly new feature to maps early: play Pac-Man on any streets you please.

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  4. Helen Mirren Wants to Kick Ass and Take Names in Fast and Furious 8

    Don't f*** up, casting director.

    With Furious 7 nearly in theaters, Helen Mirren is already thinking about the franchise's next installment—specifically in regards to how much she wants to be in it/ways to ensure we will feel a sudden urge to go see it.

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  5. Apple’s Tim Cook Says Pro-Discrimination “Religious Freedom” Laws Like Indiana’s Are Dangerous

    Our country's constitution guarantees its citizens the right to freely practice their religion so that we may all avoid discrimination. That's what's so troubling about Religious Freedom Restoration Act legislation in Indiana and elsewhere that opens the door for people to use their religion as a reason to discriminate, and Apple CEO Tim Cook, like many others, is concerned.

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  6. Get Equipped With Geeky Goodies With the Brand New “Power Up Box” Subscription Service

    You are now hearing the Mario Kart 64 item scroll sound in your head.

    A brand new, monthly merchandise subscription box service has just launched, and we got our hands on the very first Power Up Box so you can check out what's inside!

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  7. Stop What You’re Doing and Play This In-Browser Mario 64 HD Remake

    Even if you're at work. (Especially if you're at work.)

    To demonstrate the functionality of his Super Character Controller in the Unity game engine, developer Roystan Ross put together this HD remake of the first level of the game that defined 3D character control in the first place: Super Mario 64. You can take it for a spin right in your browser!

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  8. Trevor Noah Will Take Over The Daily Show When Jon Stewart Leaves

    Officially official.

    The new host of The Daily Show has been officially announced, and they'll be bringing more diversity to the late-night talk show crowd. It was rumored on Friday that Trevor Noah would be taking Jon Stewart's place when he vacates it later in 2015 after over 15 years on the show, and it's now been officially confirmed.

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  9. The Mary Sue’s Fave Comments of the Week: Idris Elba, Apocalypse Canceller, to the Rescue

    How dare you insinuate there's anything Idris Elba Can't do?

    Idris Elba may singlehandedly make us want to watch Star Trek 3, but that doesn't mean everyone is on board. That's why Astra María Solís Excus is here to remind dissenters that he canceled the apocalypse.

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  10. Featurette Explains Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Powers, Personalities, & Role in Age of Ultron

    Is it May 1st yet?

    [Mild Age of Ultron spoilers in the vid.] Scarlet Witch's powers, while wide-ranging and varied as to what her "hexes" could accomplish in comics, have been streamlined down to telekinesis and telepathic  abilities for the MCU, and this featurette gives another tease of her wielding them along with more information on how she and Quicksilver shape the plot of Age of Ultron.

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