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  1. MegaRecap of Our Favorite Moments from The Legend of Korra Finale!


    Beautiful art, beautiful storytelling, and that ending! Oh, that ending!

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  2. Our Favorite Moments from The Legend of Korra: “Kuvira’s Gambit”

    Legend of Korra goes Gundam

    I'm not sure if Korra jumped the shark this week or not. However, I am sure that "Kuvira's Gambit" definitely blew my mind and I loved every second!

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  3. Our Favorite Moments from The Legend of Korra: “Operation Beifong”

    Family Drama, Cannons and Baby Daddy Bombs

    Spirit bombs blasting holes through mountains, metal bending battles and the Beifongs are all at the center of it! This episode is definitely an amazing one for earth bending enthusiasts. However, this episode doesn't come without lightly touching on some deeper issues. One of those issues, Mother-Daughter drama in specific, has been striking a chord for fans.

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  4. Our Favorite Moments From The Legend of Korra: “Beyond the Wilds”

    Pod people, crazed spirit vines, and Jinora's captured again.

    In comparison to last weeks clip-show-fiasco, "Beyond the Wilds" forward momentum was seriously satisfying. The episode did feel a bit rushed, but considering Nick pulled the rug out from under Bryke and the Avatar production team, one can't give them flack for that. I have a feeling they had to smash two episodes into one which made "Beyond the Wilds" suffer just a bit on pacing.

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  5. Nickelodeon Announces The Legend of Korra‘s Return to TV

    Let the back pedaling commence!

    This Friday, Nickeodeon managed to royally piss off fans by putting Korra creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino through a truly contentious budget slash. But this morning, it appears that they're trying to make amends.

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  6. Thoughts on The Legend of Korra‘s “Remembrances” and What it Means For Nickelodeon & the Future of the Show

    Nickelodeon, ya dun goofed!

    My dear readers. I regret to inform you that I am not doing a favorites slide show this week. You see, I'm a little ticked off. Allow me to explain.

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  7. Our Favorite Moments From The Legend of Korra: “Reunion”

    The Return of Mako and Prince Wu.

    Korra's back in Republic City and all is right with the world—for about five minutes.

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  8. Our Favorite Moments From The Legend of Korra, “Battle at Zaofu”

    The avatar Varricked herself because some warlord Zhu Li'd her!

    Can Korra ever catch a break?

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  9. Our Favorite Moments From The Legend of Korra, “Enemy at the Gates”

    The episode when Bolin gets a clue.

    So, Zaofu is surrounded by Kuvria's forces. SuYin and Kuvira are pretty much two rocks yelling at each other. Varrick's found some new form of nuclear fusion in a can—because that's just going to make everything better. The cherry on top? SuYin and the Wonder Twins are plotting to assassinate Kuvira. Annnnd Korra's back just in time for everything to be royally messed up. I think we all need to take a moment and quietly reflect on how completely screwed this entire situation is.

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  10. Our Favorite Moments from The Legend of Korra, “The Calling”

    Your Avatar has returned.

    An episode focused around the bender kids, you say? Oh man, I dunno this could get lame quick. *watches episode* Crying? I don't know what you're talking about, it's just raining on my face.

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  11. Our Favorite Moments from The Legend of Korra, “The Coronation”

    Korra gets some Toph love.

    They packed a whole load of stuff into this episode. Kuvira being badass, Prince King Wu getting brooched crowned, and Toph! So much Toph! It's so wonderful that in a world which has changed so much, Toph really hasn't changed at all.

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  12. Our Favorite Moments from The Legend of Korra, “After All These Years”

    Wherein we only see Korra for 2 minutes

    Korra is back way earlier than any of us expected! I've gathered some screencaps of my favorite moments from the premiere episode to share my feels with you.

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  13. The Wild World of Game of Thrones Fan Theories, Part 2

    Get your tinfoil hats!

    Ah, tinfoil theories. Ask anyone in any fandom about crazy fan theories and they'd be able to hit you with at least one. Game of Thrones has, well... substantially more than that.

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  14. The Wild World of Game of Thrones Fan Theories, Part 1

    Spoilers. Spoilers, everywhere!

    With Game of Thrones currently filming season 5 and GRRM coming out with a new book (but not the one we want *sob*) soon, things have been fairly quiet for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire. Luckily, we have fan theories to occupy us during the many hiatuses we're subject to. Here are some of the big ones—in next week's part two I'll be focusing on the more tinfoil-y options.

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  15. The Legend of Korra Season Finale Recap

    So much tearbending.

    I've been sitting here wracking my brain trying to come up with a good word to describe this season's finale. "Bittersweet" seems too cliché. Pretty much everything I found seemed too cliché. Then I ran across the Malay word sayang.

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  16. The Legend of Korra Recap: “The Ultimatum”

    Chapter 11!

    This week the crew behind Legend of Korra have really kicked everything into nail-biting high gear with "The Ultimatum." Tension, intrigue, multiple locations and near death experiences for some characters had a lot of us on the edge of our seats.

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  17. The Legend of Korra Recap: “Long Live the Queen”

    Chapter 10!

    With so much happening last episode, it's kind of surprising to see even more story jam-packed into this week's episode, too.

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  18. Is Studio Ghibli Shutting Down?

    Don't panic.

    It's as if thousands of fans cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. A set of screencaps have been making the rounds across social media claiming Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki has announced the animation company is closing it's doors. Everyone get your towels and say it with me: Don't Panic.

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  19. Legend of Korra Mega-Recap: “The Terror Within” and “The Stakeout”

    Chapters 8 and 9!

    Our weekly recap continues!

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  20. Legend of Korra Recap: “Old Wounds” and “Original Airbenders”

    Chapters 6 and 7!

    Our weekly recap continues!

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