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  1. The Legend of Korra Season Finale Recap

    So much tearbending.

    I've been sitting here wracking my brain trying to come up with a good word to describe this season's finale. "Bittersweet" seems too cliché. Pretty much everything I found seemed too cliché. Then I ran across the Malay word sayang.

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  2. The Legend of Korra Recap: “The Ultimatum”

    Chapter 11!

    This week the crew behind Legend of Korra have really kicked everything into nail-biting high gear with "The Ultimatum." Tension, intrigue, multiple locations and near death experiences for some characters had a lot of us on the edge of our seats.

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  3. The Legend of Korra Recap: “Long Live the Queen”

    Chapter 10!

    With so much happening last episode, it's kind of surprising to see even more story jam-packed into this week's episode, too.

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  4. Is Studio Ghibli Shutting Down?

    Don't panic.

    It's as if thousands of fans cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. A set of screencaps have been making the rounds across social media claiming Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki has announced the animation company is closing it's doors. Everyone get your towels and say it with me: Don't Panic.

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  5. Legend of Korra Mega-Recap: “The Terror Within” and “The Stakeout”

    Chapters 8 and 9!

    Our weekly recap continues!

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  6. Legend of Korra Recap: “Old Wounds” and “Original Airbenders”

    Chapters 6 and 7!

    Our weekly recap continues!

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  7. Legend of Korra Recap: “In Harm’s Way” and “The Metal Clan”

    Chapters 4 and 5!

    This area will continue to be a leaked episode spoiler free zone!

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  8. Legend of Korra Premiere Mega-Recap: The Winds of Change

    Korra's got her groove back.

    I recently had to re-watch the finale of the second book, and in watching it, I was reminded of how weird it felt. I know I'm not alone in thinking that Book 2: Spirits felt a little off. Considering how the show spent so much time fascinated with the spirit world it's little wonder that the story fell short. Let's face it, we all knew the team behind Avatar could do better. Thankfully, the sophomore slump is over, if the first three episodes of book 3 are any indication!

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  9. A History of Women in Animation Part Two: Working Mothers of a Medium

    History of Women in Animation Part Two!

    Last time, we looked at the first women to shove their way into the animation industry (and you can read more in depth information on them Read More

  10. A History of Women in Animation: Mothers of a Medium


    When I first decided to do this article, I was naive. With all the modern resources at my fingertips, I thought finding information on the ladies behind animation would be super easy. “Oh, you sweet summer child,” has run through my head a few times, as I struggled to find even the most basic pieces of information. Standard books used for animation history classes barely mentioned women in passing, much less their achievements. Because of the technical nature of animation, there is an underlying sense of sexism which is not unlike the sexism that exists in the tech space. This is true even today, where it’s not uncommon to be one of a handful of girls within a studio setting. The lack of notable female animation professionals within history only reinforces this assumption that it is ‘boys club’ industry. As a result, the names of women who have moved the industry forward have faded. This is my attempt to bring them back into the spotlight.

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