Our Favorite Moments From The Legend of Korra: “Reunion”

The Return of Mako and Prince Wu.
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Korra’s back in Republic City and all is right with the world for about five minutes. Prince Wu is almost immediately kidnapped, Mako’s stressed out of his gourd, and it’s up to Asami and Korra to get stuff done. Meanwhile, Bolin and Varrick were on their own adventure with WOLFBATS AND HOGMONKEYS, which treated us to a fair bit of awesome Bolin bending (and leadership too!) and some fun with science courtesy of Bill Nye Varrick the Science Guy. Even though Kuvira’s gained power over the Earth Kingdom and likely has Republic City in her sights, she’s still on a war path. One that could frankly get her in a lot of trouble with everyone’s favorite cranky old lady.

Tell us what you think of this weeks episode in the comments! Will Meelo get his tattoos before Ikki? Is Baraz really Wan in disguise? Why do we still call Wu a prince when he was crowned brooched king? Could Toph die in this season? Does Kuvira stand a chance against the hornets nest she just kicked?

“Hey Toph, Kuvira’s cutting down the Banyan-Grove Tree!”


Oh it’s on now!

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