Our Favorite Moments From The Legend of Korra, “Battle at Zaofu”

The avatar Varricked herself because some warlord Zhu Li'd her!
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The battle at Zaofu has ended on a rather somber note. The avatar has been defeated again. Korra’s allies are captured again. The world is thrown out of balance due to an ambitious warlord again. Can Korra ever catch a break? One has to wonder, especially with the return of Nega-Korra. It’s nice to know that pulling the poison from her system hasn’t fixed everything, but after a while it kinda feels like Korra’s getting beat up a little too much for an Avatar.

Of course Korra’s troubles weren’t the only thing going on in this episode, as it turns out Bolin and Varrick step up to the plate with shenanigans of a bright and booming variety. Their pair-off was pretty funny, and within one episode Varrick went from that wacky-guy-comedy-relief to a serious player in this game of power. Bolin and Varrick’s relationship does seem to mirror Mako and Prince Wu a bit though. Speaking of which, what are those two up to?

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Where ever they are, I feel like Mako's carrying Prince Wu.

Where these two are,  Mako’s probably carrying Prince Wu.

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