MegaRecap of Our Favorite Moments from The Legend of Korra Finale!

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My dear readers, I’m a bad reviewer. See, the finale was up for an hour and half before I even realized it. I’d been inking comic pages late into the night, and by the time I remembered, I had to go to bed. It was so hard, SO HARD not to fly to Tumblr and twitter and spoil myself rotten, but I didn’t. I didn’t stay up all night watching either. I couldn’t. I had to be a stupid adult and do stupid adult things like go to my job and take my car to the shop. But finally, I got to watch it and Bryke gave us all one hell of a holiday gift!

Nothing hurts and everything is beautiful!

It was like waking up on your birthday to see a flying bison outside your window

Beautiful art, beautiful storytelling, and that ending! Oh, that ending~!

We finally got to see Korra and Kuvira battle it out, Mako and Bolin going back to their pro bending roots, everyone taking down giant robot monsters, and the Beifong sisters working together and being total badasses! We had Varrick and Zhu Li doing the thing for the rest of their lives! We had Korra actually talking to an enemy and reasoning with them. She never would have done that in the beginning. That right there is what we call character growth. Then there was that ending. Whether you adhere to the Korrasami-is-Canon camp or not, you have to admit that ending was beautiful!

Speaking of which: are people reading too much into the ending? I don’t know. I do know what I got out of it, though.

One of the amazing things about the original series was how it made people feel. When I say “feel” I don’t mean the “so many feels” kind of thing. I mean how people observe a character through a journey and not only like and identify with that character but strongly relate to them as well. It’s an emotional connection that marks good storytelling. When that character is happy, so are you. When they’re angry, you are too. When their heart breaks, so does yours.

That’s what the original series did for a lot of fans.  It  taught people of all ages about strength, honor, and compassion. Above all else it gave them characters to look up to and aspire to be. The finale of The Legend of Korra gave me hope for the person of any age, present or future, who see’s Korra and Asami holding hands and feels empowered. Some people may deny it, and that’s their right. It doesn’t matter that they don’t get it. It matters that a lot of people feel included for once. Meanwhile the rest of us can sit, laughing as we wipe away our happy tears knowing that someone out there knows they can get a happy ending too – just like Korra did.

My dear readers, I has been an honor to be your recap author. Thank you.

Good bye, Korra.

Goodbye, Korra.

By day, Carrie is the co-creator, artist, and production coordinator for the webcomic Kamikaze . By night she’s a writer, budding comic nerd, and passionate feminist. Feel free to follow her on Twitter.

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