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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

There’s No Reason We Should Not Have A Wonder Woman Movie Already [VIDEO]

I have a good friend. His name is Alan Kistler. We do a podcast together called “Crazy Sexy Geeks” but he’s also a comic book historian and prolific writer online and in print (Doctor Who: A History, The Unofficial Batman Trivia Challenge). He and I speak quite often about superhero films and television productions, and you can bet Wonder Woman is a hot topic. Joss Whedon was going to make a Wonder Woman movie. It didn’t happen. David E. Kelley tried to make a television show. It didn’t happen. And while there is a new TV series in the works at The CW, many Wonder Woman fans are patiently waiting for her to emerge on the big screen. But Hollywood is convinced her story is too complicated to tackle. Kistler thinks otherwise.

Previously in Wonder Woman

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  • Anonymous

    The Wonder Woman movie must include this scene:

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m convinced.

  • Adrian

    I can never say this enough so I’m always glad when someone else says it too!

  • Jill Pantozzi

    We can only hope.

  • Renee I.

    Aaaaand love that.

  • TKS

    Great points. Well delivered. I want his t-shirt.

  • J Ritchey

    Unfortunately, it’s in the hands of the same people who repeatedly claim the animated WW film didn’t sell enough to warrant a follow-up even though it has some of the best numbers in the Animated Originals line.

  • WheelchairNinja

    Anybody remember that photo of Alison Brie as Captain America? That same artist designed a poster (, banner (, and concept art stills ( for a Wonder Woman film. All DC need to do is hire him and Joss Whedon and we’re set.

  • Anonymous

    Joss Whedon belongs to Marvel now and I highly doubt he’ll come back to a project that Warner Bros already booted him from.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • MeatyStakes

    We need a spreadsheet with all the times DC has effed it up.

  • WheelchairNinja


  • odango atama

    Superman and Batman on the cover together … Makes me squee. :D

  • Anonymous

    Hollywood keeps using Catwoman & Electra as for reasons to not make a Wonder Woman movie. The reality is Aliens, Underworld and Hunger Games and to a lesser extent Resident Evil franchises prove that there is an audience that would like to see a well made Wonder Woman movie.

    The only issue I see that can arise from a big screen Wonder Woman movie is the fans. As a hardcore WW fan I’ve accepted that when she finally hits the big screen she might not be the version I personally want to see but as we’ve seen with the Man of Steel movie – it’s some of the hardcore fans that can’t accept that these are fictional characters with long histories who have been portrayed in various different ways in all forms of media and no one version is going to please everybody.

  • sean

    How about when they haven’t? That is much easier.

  • Anonymous

    Right now, WB seems caught in a vicious cycle where the more time they spend without a Wonder Woman movie, the more desperate they are to find a “modern take” on the character. The more they try to make the character actual, the further away they move from what the actual character works and the more time they waste.

    I like that video. A lot. He didn’t try to remove the greek mythology from her story, he acknowledge that the character has been flying for a while and doesn’t need an invisible plane anymore. In short, he seems to like the character for who she is instead of what she represents.

    WB needs to stop overthinking this film and go back to the basics. They could have made a WW film with the exact same structure than Man of Steel by replacing the Krypton sequence with a Themyscira sequence and Zod with Ares and it would’ve worked just fine. Just don’t try to re-invent the goddamn wheel.

  • Angry And Yellow

    I’ve never been a big fan of Wonder Woman. I never read her comics and thought she was ok in the Justice League cartoon, but not one of my favorite characters. I honestly did not care whether or not she had a movie or tv show…until I watched her animated movie. After seeing it I could not for the life of me figure out how she’d gone so long without getting the proper recognition. She combines our love of Greek mythology and historical epics (Troy, Gladiator, 300, Clash of the Titans) with coming of age, superhero awesomeness and awkwardness. More so than Batman or even Superman (or at least Man of Steel), a Wonder Woman movie really has the potential feel good, to have all the hard hitting action and drama but ultimately be uplifting and positive, because that’s who Wonder Woman is.

  • Anonymous

    My worry is that even if/when they do a Wonder Woman movie…it’s going to suck.

  • Jamie Jeans

    What you said… and it’s the same people who push not only Batman and Superman on us all the time, but Green Lantern, and it wasn’t even the GOOD Green Lantern, Jon Stewart, it was that white dude, Hal Jordan…

    And the GL movie was a complete BOMB, and it’s STILL going to get a sequel!

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Umm..Hal Jordan IS the Green Lantern Jamie. Jon Stewart is a different Animal. If there was only ONE GL it would be Hal Jordan always. They only had JS on JL and JLU for diversity’s sake.

  • Robert Vary

    But Jamie didn’t say “the original*” or “the primary” or “the best known,” they said “the GOOD” one. Hal can be a bit on the boring side.

    *I mean, y’know, not counting Alan Scott.

  • Robert Vary

    Hey, if J.J. Abrams can bridge the gap between Stars Trek AND Wars, then Whedon can do Marvel and DC. Though, yes, he might not want to at this point.

  • Skemono

    Hal Jordan IS the Green Lantern Jamie. Jon Stewart is a different Animal.

    Yup. Jon Stewart is the host of the Daily Show.

    John Stewart, on the other hand, is a Green Lantern as much as Jordan is. I don’t know why you’d say Jordan is “the” Green Lantern. The only times when there was only one Green Lantern, it wasn’t Jordan.

    If there was only ONE GL it would be Hal Jordan always.

    Alan Scott would like to have a word with you.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Hal Jordan is a far more rich character than all the other GL’s put together. I mean you’re talking about a group of character’s who’s most famous moments are things like finding women in fridges or getting their collective asses kicked by an EMO-Superboy and finding women in fridges. I wouldn’t say Hal is the best known anymore. Jon is because of JL and JLU. That’s why people wonder why he’s not in JL or JLA depending on what they want to name it and the new cartoons etc etc.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Oh you really got me with a typo! GOOD JOB BUDDY!!!!!!! Keep defending the internet jackass…

  • Anonymous

    Wonder Woman is a “warrior” – a classic character archetype, very easy to write a story around. Then politics comes into it; one side is aghast at portraying a female with such traditionally masculine properties and the other side waters her down by shoveling a pile of politically correct ideals onto her. There’s your problem.

  • Skemono

    Truly you have shown me the error of my ways through your shining example of sophistication and elucidation.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    You knwo what? You’re right. Starting fights over spelling John right/wrong is completely sophisticated and I’ll be sure to follow and look to you for advice. What Would Skemono Do?!

  • Jill Pantozzi

    If there was only one GL…it’s the Green Lantern CORPS, there’s tons of Green Lanterns. And when there was only one GL, it was Kyle Rayner.

  • J Ritchey

    Hal has always been the least interesting human GL to me (not least favorite, that would be Guy, whom I actively dislike). I understand why they use Hal in the “banner” projects, but I’d much rather see Alan, John, or Kyle (not necessarily in that order and I have yet to “meet” Simon since New 52 finally ran me off).

    All of that is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand though–other than the fact that, yes, the WW animated film did sell better than either GL animated feature (or any of the Justice League ones) from the Animated Originals imprint but is somehow the one that didn’t sell well enough for a follow-up.

  • Harrison Grey

    Yeah, well, “Doomed Planet. Desperate Scientists. Last Hope. Kindly Couple.” doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to screw up, but DC’s managed that so far. The string of failed Wonder Woman projects sounds bad (and it is), but considering Joss Whedon admitted he didn’t really get Wonder Woman, and once you’ve seen the David E. Kelley pilot, it makes you start to think she might actually be better with no movie (or show) than the projects they’ve tried. I want to see an amazing Wonder Woman movie (or show), but I’m actually still waiting for a good adaptation of Superman and Batman. For any of these characters, I think it’s going to be a long time coming.

  • Skemono

    What Would Skemono Do

    1) Learn the difference between jokingly pointing out a common mistake then segueing into relevant points, and “starting fights”.
    2) Have better taste in Green Lanterns.

    From there you may travel down the Eightfold Path of Skemonity. If you’re having trouble, you may want to join a skemonastery to study, but I should warn you that orthodox skemonists have a tendency to be jerks.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if it’s because they are afraid they won’t be able to vanquish the cheese factor (that was made obvious by both tv shows featuring everyone’s favorite Amazon) or if it’s because they think that geeks are mostly 16-40 years old males who live in their parents’ basement and they wouldn’t be interested in a superhero movie featuring only a female character.

    Because a) the cheese factor is only in the eye of the beholder (just please don’t make a fake reboot/parody like 21 Jump Street and The Green Hornet)

    b) no we are not all guys living in their parents’ basements. Some of us live over the garage. No, seriously, we’re not. Some of us are female who are very interested in a female superhero movie (as long as it’s not like the disastrous Elektra). Some of us are males who love to see women kick ass and yes, will pay to see it (I mean, G.L.O.W. hello? ok bad example, Wonder Woman is a classy lady). Some of us would actually love to see female superhero in another part than the token female member of an all-male testosterone team (Avengers, I’m looking at you) or mere love interest for the big men (please Jean Grey, don’t come back to be Wolverine’s boo. Please).

    So please DC, if it looks pretty dark around you, you should maybe consider getting your head out of your rear end and look around.

  • Anonymous

    And to defuse that terrible situation, they give you Superman/Wonderwoman. Finally she gets something useful to do: love the guy with the cape.
    DC, please!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. I think the resistance of the fans also comes from those characters spanning decades, (way more than the childhood nostalgia thing) with many arcs, many changes, and some people like this era, some that era, and somebody is always disappointed even when they adapt straight from the comic book.

  • Anonymous

    So many things can go wrong. It’s not an easy one, for sure. Because if the idea is to make her the hot lady in the short shorts, played by an unbearable trendy actress and to wrap a boring script around it just to have an excuse to sell toys, I don’t really want to see it either.

  • Anonymous

    I think Josh was trying to argue that the ‘default’ Green Lantern is Hal, much like ‘default’ Batgirl is Barbara Gordon, or ‘default’ Robin is Dick Grayson. And he’s right, in terms of Hollywood’s blinkered desire to try and put forward the characters with the broadest recognition. It’s frustrating as hell though – personally give me JLU’s awesome John Stewart over the awful, AWFUL Hal Jordan we got in the movie.

    *edited to say* and J Ritchey makes a good point as well. How did I get suckered in to talking about GL? This is about Wonder Woman Dammit! Give us her movie! Stat!

  • Anonymous

    Truer words were never spoken!

    Unfortunately, Warner will never commit because a) today’s generation of studio execs go only for sure things and Wonder Woman has not been tried out on the big screen, so they rather go and do a bazillion more movies of Sups and Bats (and it has to be said that Green Lantern was not really so convincing at the Box office), and b) it would require to do some original work in the screenwriting department, instead of just remaking stories we’ve already seen (“Man of Steel”, telling a slight variation of the origin story (again) and otherwise repeating “Superman 2″ with more action) or simply rebooting an already existing franchise (Batman).

    To make a “Wonder Woman” movie film bosses need some of the courage and entrepreneurship their fathers had some 25 – 45 years ago. Sadly, film business is today governed by people who are to afraid to lose their jobs and are responsible to respective shareholders. That’s a pity but I don’t think we will ever see a big stand-alone Wonder Woman movie. Besides there’s still the conviction in some parts that action heroine movies don’t sell (outside the “Resident Evil” franchise). Not that it could not be done with bravado (see the animated “Wonder Woman” movie which is just great (also script-wise)) but Hollywood has not the balls to do it, so don’t expect to see WW otherwhere than in a Justice League movie.

    If we ever get that. I rather presume the next thing we’ll be going to see is a Superman-Batman team up. Warners is moving like a dinosaur.

  • Tehani

    Tansy Rayner Roberts (nominated for a fan writing Hugo!) just did a comprehensive post on this exact issue – I highly recommend it.

  • Carol Price


  • Abel Undercity

    My theory is that Hollywood is a stupid and dudebro-ish kind of beast, much like Wall Street. And really, it’s only getting worse. Ironic, given the rise of CGI and the ability to put literally anything on the screen.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Yeah, I dropped out of “bible study” sorry kiddo.

  • TheChief

    Doesn’t Xena fit that same archetype? She did quite well if I remember correctly.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who loves Guy Gardner…?
    Ok, I’ll shut up then :(

  • LifeLessons

    Kelley shouldn’t be allowed near the project, IMHO. Whedon’s script should be dusted off and given to Kathryn Bigelow and that is that.

  • Mina

    I really, really want to see her at some point in a movie wearing legit armor and using a sword. It doesn’t have to be her main outfit or anything. It could happen briefly in a short intro section. I just would really love to see it.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Thor’ seems the obvious example of how to do this type of superhero well. They have a lot in common (ancient mythology-based origin story, one foot in the world of the gods, one foot in the world of humanity). I know that was a Marvel film and DC haven’t shown they can do films of that type of tone, but it should give them a lead.

    I can see that WW has challenges unique to it as a franchise. It’s true that she doesn’t really have any iconic villains, and perhaps her abilities and personality are less well-defined than, say, Batman’s. But EVERY superhero has unique challenges, and the most successful adaptations have embraced those.

    For instance, back when Tim Burton made ‘Batman’, there was no pre-existing model for a film about a dark, troubled superhero that took itself seriously.

    More recently, Marvel have been very successful at taking its characters for what they are and making different types of movie for all of them: just because Iron Man was a big hit doesn’t mean they try to force ‘Captain America’ into being the same sort of movie. And they’ve been doing it with characters who aren’t always top-rung names in the Marvel-verse.

    I don’t buy that there’s any reason Thor, Hawkeye and Captain America can work on-screen; that Black Widow can fight alongside Iron Man on-screen and it not seem ridiculous – and yet Wonder Woman is an impossible task to put in cinemas!

  • Thomas Hayes

    He gets bonus points for the Captain Marvel T-shirt. Carol Danvers FTW

  • Amber Barnes

    This is me. I dont really trust anyone – especially DC’s movie department – to do any sort of justice to Diana. I’d rather there be no movie/show than one that was a Lovecraftian horror of cinema.

  • Harrison Grey

    I’m still not convinced that any aspect related to DC as a company is currently capable of doing a good Wonder Woman project (again, not because it’s a difficult project, it should be the easiest thing in the world, it’s just that these people are astoundingly inept) except for the animation department. I think the Warner Bros. animation department, if given proper freedom and not forced to make it CG, could put out an amazing and fully satisfying animated series. Can we just push for that?

  • Laura Truxillo

    No. Guy Gardner is a wonderful wreck of a human being and makes any scene he’s in 20% funnier.

  • Laura Truxillo

    So did Buffy for that matter. (The series, where they took her seriously but also had fun, not the movie.)

  • Michael Bridgett

    That was a rad movie… I gave it away it was so rad. I was like… “Spread this joy”

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Kindred spirit!

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    When did I EVER say this was about Race? Why are you pulling that card. If you really want to know what I want to see out of Green Lantern (which oddly enough I was trying to type and it got erased by a page refresh then you would see I celebrate EVERY major Green Lantern we know.

  • Allen Slea

    > If you’ve only ready Rebirth to New 52 I think you need to go back and read Zero Hour and how Coast City was destroyed because much of that is STILL cannon bro

    I’m vaguely familiar with that storyline, as it tied into the death and rebirth of Superman, which I read at the time. But seriously, when someone says they’ve read the last decade or so of a line of related comics, and you say they need to read more to get it, that’s just not tenable.

    Only in comics is that a thing that happens. Look, either a story (or character in this case) is good or it isn’t. Hal is not a good character. The Green Lantern is an excellent concept. I love John in the JLU cartoon, I love Kyle in the Morrison JLA comic, and I even became a fan of Guy in the Geoff Johns run I mentioned earlier.

    > If there was only ONE GL it would be Hal Jordan always. They only had JS on JL and JLU for diversity’s sake.

    That’s what you said, and that’s where you brought race into the discussion. I don’t see the relevance of your grandfather’s background to the discussion, other than it’s neat that he drew John.

    > For you to make ME out to be racist because I said DC put John in those cartoons for diversity is completely unfair and pretty irresponsible as a non-white person

    Umm, I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say. Are you assuming I am not white on the basis of my argument? If so, that’s SUPER RACIST. Like, seriously racist. Mega racist.

    And then you go on to talk about reverse racism, which is not a thing at all. It’s not real. Anyone can be a jerk to anyone else, but it’s only racism when it comes from a group with power towards a group with less power. That’s basic 101 stuff. If you didn’t know that before, now you know.

    2 women out of seven is not an unreasonable number. Honestly, they should have had a third. Drop Martian Manhunter for Zatanna – she’s a much more interesting character anyway. The writers could still use MM in some stories, like they did with Aquaman, but he doesn’t conceptually need to be on the team.

    I am also a huge Hawkgirl fan! At least, as she was portrayed in the JLU. What little I’ve seen of her in the comics has been rather meh. It’s entirely possible I’ve been reading the wrong comics, though.

    Your ideas sound interesting. I hope you continue to seek out experiences and perspectives that will help you grow as a writer.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    I thought you asked me to explain it to you as a non-white person being you. Sorry if I misunderstood.

  • Allen Slea

    I love it when people break out the dictionary. So intellectual. Barf.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    What you should be sickened by is your ignorance to the facts as you are the one who wrongly defined what racism can be. If it wasn’t able to be done by one person then I guess when a white man kills a black man in cold blood or an american kills a middle eastern person just because of their ancestry even if they were born in Montana for instance then it wouldn’t be called a hate crime based on race then would it?

    Educate yourself jackass.

  • Allen Slea

    What is racism and what is legally defined as a hate crime are two different (though closely related) things.

    But if you cling to the idea that the dictionary is the end of all knowledge, why do you think people spend their entire lives working out the sociological details of racial issues? Are they just farting around or something? Racism is complex. There’s much more to it than a simple dictionary definition. As anyone who has actually studied the matter.

    And I enjoy that you characterize everything that you disagree with as non-facts, and encourage me to educate myself. Your entire argument hasn’t risen above the level expected of a middle schooler. You cite the dictionary and stop there.

    And you wonder why you aren’t taken seriously.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Because this isn’t the National Forensics League man.It’s a website in which this conversation should have never happened but you decided to spin it out of control because of what I said about John being in the JL/JLU cartoon for diversity as being a racial statement.

    I am seriously beginning to think you don’t have very good comprehension skills and your hypocrisy truly knows no bounds.

    I am the one who brought up the several different examples of racism to where you said this:

    “And then you go on to talk about reverse racism, which is not a thing at all. It’s not real. Anyone can be a jerk to anyone else, but it’s only racism when it comes from a group with power towards a group with less power. That’s basic 101 stuff. If you didn’t know that before, now you know.”

    Yes, I provided you with a definition because obviously you didn’t have the RIGHT one. You saying I am clinging to it as my end all be all is absolute horseshit because I even took it further to show you that Reverse Racism and Discrimination is an actual studied concept in which books have been written and again showed brought examples how racism is much bigger than the ridiculous box you tried to put it in.

    What exactly have you offered to this conversation other than “NOT UH! YOU’RE WRONG!” ???

    If I am in Middle School on this one then I don’t think you made it past pre-school. But I think it’s pretty funny how you tried take what I said and then make it as if you’re the one who said it first when it comes to complexities.

    If anything about what I said is the most complex it’s hate crimes but I already in another earlier post talked about discrimination as I said “It only takes 1 person to have a belief and to act on it. Not a group. Doesn’t matter if it’s racism, sexism, or bigotry towards homosexuals or any other kind.”

  • Allen Slea

    You need a link that explains why you’re wrong? OK, here’s one:,80611,.shtml

    Tim Wise is a respected researcher/speaker in the field. But you’ll just ignore this. Like the song says, you believe what you wanna believe.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    I never ignore anything that could be relevant but until you are actually in the middle of something you have no right to really have an opinion but for you sharing someone elses. I am white and lost my hair at 19 years old so I shave my head and luckily I have that perfect Lex Luthor shape. And in two separate jobs just because I was quiet, put my head down, learned and did my best until I was the best everyone thought I was some kind of monster.

    Then one morning I was late to the morning meeting, it was casual friday and I was wearing a black sabbath t-shirt, blue jeans, and chuck shoes and the Vice President of the company who is jewish turns around says Oh, Josh. Good thing it was you or else a guy like me might be scared. From that point on mostly all the black people and a few whites and others behind my back spread rumors how I was a neo-nazi. Now at first I let it roll off my back. Then when I tried to play along when a black colleague asked me jokingly if I kill people alluding to how much we all hated the VP because was always standing over our shoulders constantly. I said sure, only if their jews, niggers, spicks, and gooks.

    Now was I right in saying that? No. But that conversation would have never happened had very person who should have led the company started the crap he did that day in the meeting.

    I was called into HR and almost fired but got to keep my job because I would have taken just about half the workforce down with me.because of their REVERSE RACISM. They never understood that if an actual neo-nazi came through the door with maclicous intentions I would be the first to come at them with a bat.

    I have even been racially profiled by the cops at a routine traffic stop because I have a tattoo on my chest because apparently thats a common place for the aryan empire to have tattoos.

    For every article you throw at me I can site a book but until you actually experience it then you won’t understand. Just like a white person will never understand what it’s truly like to be black.

  • Allen Slea

    > Then when I tried to play along when a black colleague asked me jokingly if I kill people alluding to how much we all hated the VP because was always standing over our shoulders constantly. I said sure, only if their jews, niggers, spicks, and gooks.

    If you think there’s any sort of excuse for using language like that in the workplace, then I have nothing to say to you. Other than “Stop whining, whitey,” that is.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    You clearly missed the point of the entire story. If it were truly a joke then it should be a joke for all.

    If you clearly can’t see the ridiculous double standard and that not only am I the furthest thing from racist and that answer was A. Only to prove a point. and B. To throw it right back at one of the same people who was responsible for the harassment to give them a piece of their own medicine without putting their job on the line because I am not that trivial a person that I was going to get them fired or sue the company. Equality is equality. If you don’t see how THAT would have been inappropriate and WRONG then you’re clearly an closed-minded liberal which shouldn’t even be possible. No one of any race should have to put up with racism. White people don’t deserve it just because they’re white and apparently you think if it happens to them then OH WELL. That’s a ridiculous and misguided attitude. You’re proving your ignorance more and more. I wish you would just shut the fuck up and take your ball and go home on this because you clearly have no perspective.

    I give everyone a fair shot no matter what they look like. But I am not going to push anyone on the proverbial swings for being a minority. Sorry. Good Day Sir.