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Turns Out Yoda’s Dagobah Mud Hut is Dirt Cheap


Yoda Hut Cover

Oh, sure. Yoda was living large in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in the Star Wars prequels, but that guy hit hard times after the fall of the Jedi. Hiding out on Dagobah had its advantages — like not getting murdered — but the accommodations were a little sparse. What could a potential buyer expect to pay for Yoda’s hut? The real estate geeks at Movoto have the answer, and an explanation.

We assumed a hut made from salvaged escape pod parts held together by mud and The Force wouldn’t be too expensive, but the actual number is surprisingly affordable. Take a look at how Movoto broke down the numbers in this handy infographic:


There you have it. For the price of a gently used car, you can live in a mud hut once inhabited by the greatest Jedi Master of all time. At least you could live in a replica of it in a swamp in Louisiana, or Dagobah, were it a real place and you could get there. Also, sorry you got called the “American Dagobah,” Louisiana. Tough break. I say embrace it. Make it your new state motto. Louisiana: America’s Dagobah!

The real question is, how much is $7,762 in Galactic Credits?

(via Movoto)

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