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Wonder Woman Is Now the Highest-Grossing DCEU Movie in the U.S.

DC’s current movie universe, the DCEU, has done fairly well at the box office despite a run of tepid to outright bad reviews for Man of SteelBatman v Superman, and Suicide Squad, but Wonder Woman continues to be a bright spot. In terms of domestic totals, Diana’s solo big-screen debut now leads the pack with over $346,644,000.

Totals from this past weekend finally edged out even Batman v Superman to put Wonder Woman at #42 in all-time box office earnings. That’s especially impressive considering that BvS packed DC’s three biggest heroes—Batman, Superman, and even Wonder Woman herself—into one epic comic book showdown. The team effort is still ahead in worldwide totals, though, as is Suicide Squad, but Wonder Woman isn’t quite done yet and already isn’t too far behind.

Whatever happens there, it’s clear that the movie is doing well with audiences here at home, and if the success of DC’s movies so far still has them on track for Justice League, it’s hard to believe this won’t set a Wonder Woman sequel on the fast track. Despite all the rumblings and whiplash-inducing news and comments about whether Director Patty Jenkins will-or-will-not-or-totally-will-but-wait-no-we-still-don’t-know-if-she-actually-will return for the sequel, a sequel has not been officially confirmed.

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion with this level of success, though, which is unsurprisingly garnering attention from certain other movie universes that were inexplicably beaten to the punch on giving a female superhero her own movie, despite having every opportunity. As ridiculous as it is to judge whether or not movies, or superhero movies specifically, made by and about women will be successful based on any one movie (or based on anything other than “is it a good movie?”), as long as people are going to act that way, we’ll be more than happy for them to use Wonder Woman as their new example and open the flood gates. The more, the merrier!

(via Entertainment Weekly, image: Warner Bros.)

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