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We Will Not Have Equality Until Men Know the Struggle of Trying to Pee in a Romper

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Every few weeks, the internet gets wind of some new ridiculous fashion trend like jeans with knee windows and taunts it into complete oblivion spawning ironic outfits and similar knock-offs. Not this time, fashion gods willing.

As summer hits, we’re seeing all kinds of easy breezy new clothing trends but nothing quite like ACED Design’s RompHim™, a romper designed for men that “may just be the start of a fashion revolution.” In colors that will absolutely leave Chad with the basic salmon shorts green with envy, the collection includes shades like Red Chambray, Blue Chambray, and Splatter Print Cotton that will make you the star of the summer music festivals. Each romper includes a front shirt pocket, an adjustable waist, a zippered back pocket, and a zipper fly (which kind of ruins my whole pee joke, but ignore that).

I think the designs could be a bit more flattering and less onesie-like, but hey, who am I to get between a man and his romper? Rock what you wanna rock. Still, the need to “guy-ify” the name of anything traditionally feminine (see also: guyliner, bro-gurt, etc.) feels unnecessary, though their over-the-top Kickstarter promotion seems to suggest there’s a strong element of self-awareness or parody accompanying RompHim™. The Kickstarter has already reached its $10,000 goal, and ships this summer if you’re interested in a special edition 4th of July print.

Who is this for? “ANYONE wants to make a statement,” says the FAQ. Would you ever rock a RompHim™? Are you excited to see some RompHim™ at the beach?

(via The Cut)

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