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Play Wolfenstein 3D In Your Browser, For Free

I wasn’t allowed to play Wolf 3D as a kid; I distinctly remember being scolded for doing so. When I found the illicit diskette years later in high school, however, I burned through that sucker like nothing. Now you can do the same, online, no archaic storage medium required! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game’s release, Bethesda, the current rightsholder, has published a browser-based version of the game, complete with the first 3 episodes.

What’s that? You’re on your iPhone? Lucky you, Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum is free right now, for a limited time only. From a brief exploration of the first level everything seems just the way I remember it, swastika’s included. The PC controls seem slightly updated, however: Arrows move, z is strafe, x is fire.

As a quick — and free — time waster, Wolfenstein 3D certainly holds up. Sure, a big part of the fun is going to be the notsalgia drip, but the gameplay is still pretty solid. After all, you’re shooting Nazis. It hardly gets more classic than that. So, hop on over to the site and give it some attention. Just be prepared to stay for a while. It’ll suck you right in the way it used to.

And, as a bonus, check out this retrospective commentary with the man John Carmack himself.

Oh, and I just remembered a fun fact: Wolf 3D‘s B.J. Blazkowicz is actually Commander Keen’s grandpa. The more you know!

(via The Bethesda Blog)

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