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DOOM in JavaScript and HTML5, Playable in Your Browser

In some respects, DOOM is the “Hello World!” of gaming, and so this marks a little milestone for the growing power of JavaScript and HTML5 if the bootable in-browser Linux kernel wasn’t enough: Alon Zakai has ported DOOM to the browser, no Flash required.

Use the normal Doom keyboard controls: For the menu, arrow keys and enter; for the game, arrow keys, control, space and alt (hold to strafe).

Use your browser’s zoom to adjust the screen size (usually control + and control -).

Loading and saving games do work, but only until you leave the page. TODO: Use IndexedDB for persistent storage.

You can play it here in Firefox or Safari. Warning: Insanely slow in Chrome, don’t bother. Technical details here.

(Alon Zakai via RWW)

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