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Who Is Saturn In ‘One Piece’? Explained.

Let’s set sail and embark on a thrilling journey into the grand world of One PieceThis epic saga opens doors to a universe filled with fascinating characters, intricate plots, and mind-boggling mysteries that keep us perched on the very edge of our seats. Among the intriguing enigmas, one character has gripped the fandom’s curiosity: Saturn. But who is Saturn in One Piece, and why is he such a significant figure? 

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Saturn, known as Jaygarcia Saturn in the world of One Piece, isn’t just your average character. He holds a position of immense power as one of the Five Elders, also referred to as the Gorosei. The Gorosei are the highest-ranking officials of the World Government, with their authority superseding even the Navy and the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Saturn and his counterparts operate from the Room of Authority inside the colossal castle of Pangea, situated atop the Red Line. These enigmatic figures are the puppet masters pulling the strings of the world’s politics while maintaining an outward facade of peace and order.

The power and influence of the Gorosei

The Gorosei, Saturn included, have a reputation for ruling with an iron fist. Their decisions have the potential to influence the direction of world events significantly. However, they use their power to covertly keep the world in order. They are willing to go to any lengths to achieve this goal, including falsifying records and rewriting history.

Although the Gorosei hold ultimate power, their actions are often guided by an individual known as Imu, believed to be the King of the World. Their loyalty to Imu is evident in their willingness to kneel before the Empty Throne, which signifies their subordination.

Saturn’s role in the plot of One Piece

Saturn’s character development has been gradual but significant in One Piece. During the Jaya Arc, he first appears in the Sky Island Saga, demonstrating his power by discussing the potential threat posed by a meeting between Shanks and Whitebeard. The Dressrosa Saga and the Levely Arc both provide other examples of Saturn’s sway and might. His participation in the Wano Country and Egghead Island arcs marks a high point in his development arc.

Still, Saturn remains a puzzling and mysterious figure. He doesn’t say much, but what he does say has a lot of weight. He is obviously a bright and manipulative person who is not afraid to utilize his position to his advantage. In combat, he’s just as formidable. He can transform into a horned creature with incredible strength and speed. He also possesses a flintlock pistol, which he is skilled in using.

Although his goals remain a mystery, Saturn is a formidable foe in the One Piece manga and anime. He is trying to keep the truth of the Void Century and the Will of D. hidden from the public eye, and he is one of the few people who know it.

More of Saturn’s noteworthy contributions to the storyline

Saturn has significantly contributed to One Piece’s story and has been instrumental in making crucial decisions and implementing strategies that have significantly impacted the course of events. For instance, he ordered the elimination of Professor Clover and the destruction of Ohara for studying the Void Century. Despite his reluctance, Saturn does not hesitate to make tough decisions when required, underlining his commitment to maintaining the balance and order of the world.

As tension and unrest in the One Piece universe continue to rise, Saturn is poised to continue playing a pivotal role. He possesses a wealth of knowledge about the true history of the One Piece world, making him an invaluable asset to the Gorosei. His involvement in Kizaru’s mission further proves his formidable physical strength. As someone who works under the King of the World, Saturn’s powers likely surpass those of even the Admirals.

Jaygarcia Saturn’s presence alongside Kizaru indicates that he serves a vital purpose in the impending clash with the Straw Hat Pirates. As the absolute highest authority in the One Piece world, Saturn’s strength and abilities could pose a significant threat to Luffy and his crew. With Saturn’s fleet by his side, Luffy may find himself in a precarious situation.

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