Luffy and Uta as kids from One Piece Film: Red

Does Luffy Find the One Piece in ‘One Piece’?

Hmmm. I’m going to use the Socratic method here. If One Piece has been going for over 1,000 episodes and 20 seasons, do you really think that Luffy has found the one piece yet? The source of his quest? The reason why the show continues into uncountable infinities of watch time? Let me rephrase the question: does a story continue after its conclusion? Is there another chapter after “and they lived happily ever after?” Is One Piece made by Marvel Studios and therefore going to contain 30 ending credits scenes and 523 spin-offs? Ladies, gentlemen, and my enlightened people beyond the gender binary, my answer is a resounding “no.”

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But my God, I wish he would.

The slow march continues

Can you imagine the carpal tunnel syndrome that must be plaguing the employees of Toei Animation right now? Somewhere in Japan, an artist is being told that he will never be able to hold a pencil the right way ever again—because drawing Luffy’s shit-eating grin for the last 20 years has destroyed the fragile tendons of his once-talented hands. One Piece is like a rebellious fallen angel that is attempting to destroy its own creators. It has been foretold by The Oracles of the Internet that the series Shall End In Three Years. But who knows for certain? Perhaps that cruel angel will again rebel against the gods that made it, and Luffy will take another 20 years to find that treasure for which his heart longs. None can say for certain. All we can do is pray that he finds what his soul seeks, for the creators’ sake.

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