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The Best One Piece Fights, Ranked

Luffy turns into snakeman episode 870. One Piece
(image credit: Toei)

Put up yer dukes, ye’ scurvy landlubber. I’ll fight ye tooth and nail!

So ya wish to know the greatest of all the battles in all the vast seas of the world? Well, shiver me timbers! How the hell am I supposed ta’ know that? One Piece be a shonen anime, everyone in the world is fighting all the damn time! Why just afore breakfast I bested ten men myself! And I’ll best ten more come lunch time! I’ve been in every kind of fight there is! Wedding fights, funeral fights, why I’ve even challenged some of literature’s finest minds to a brawl!

But I’ll tell ye one thing, I count me lucky stars each night that I never was in a fight like one of these I’m bout to name. Thar’ be right powerful people sailing these seas, and I don’t think I would have survived an encounter with any o’ these mighty sailors and soldiers. No sir’ee. And I’ll count them off on what digits I’ve got left on me hands and feet!

10. Mihawk vs. Zoro

Mihawk from One Piece smiling

This fight be a perfect example of what would happen if I went up against any one of the devils in this list! It would be a one sided beatdown! We’d been introduced to Zoro at this point, the three sword weildin’ demon who seemed like the greatest in all the seas! Then Zoro takes on Mr. Mihawk and we’re quickly shown that isn’t quite the case. Zoro fights with his three blades, while Mihawk uses a sword that’s half the size of a letter opener! It’s the first time narratively we’ve seen such a power gap between to mighty men! Zoro was defeated in a fight that shivered all our timbers from aft to fore.

9. The Scabbards vs. Kaido

Kaido from One Piece ready to attack (Toei)

The Scabbards had been hoping for a go at the “World’s Strongest Creature” for nigh on twenty years! And what a glorious go it was! Team attacks! Combination strikes! And then ended it all with some of the finest swordplay this pirate has ever laid eyes on! The Oden Two Sword Style attack: Paradise Totsuka! Sadly, it was still no match for the right pow’rful Kaido. They should count their lucky stars as well though, as most who fight Kaido never make a scratch on him at all!

8. Ace vs. Blackbeard


Oh what a thrill this was! It’s the first time in the series that we were all given a clear look at the powers of two great pirates! Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi and Blackbeard’s Yami Yami no Mi Devil Fruit powers were a thing to behold! Acer managed to get some fine hits on the big bastard, but in the end, he was no match for Blackbeard’s power. This fight is one of the most important narratively, as it started a damn war! The biggest that these oceans have ever seen!

7. Zoro vs. Mr. 1

A bloodied Zoro pointing a sword.
(Toei Animation)

Zoro had been bested by a man more powerful than he before, and he wasn’t keen on having it happen again! Things were looking grim for the three bladed swordsman during this fight. Zoro simply couldn’t land a hit! One can see why, as Mr. 1 had quite a few more swords, considering that he could sharpen his physical body! I thought Zoro was gonna have a date with Davey Jones for sure, but at the last moment he finally understood the Breath of All Things, and was able to use this new understanding to best his foe! We love a good moment of spiritual enlightenment!

6. Luffy vs. Katakuri

Katakuri from One Piece looking ticked (Toei)

This was one of the most action stuffed fights in the entire series! And one of the longest! Luffy and Katakuri fought for over twelve hours straight! That’s the length of me average day! Luffy took a right beating in the Mirror World as a keen tactical decision that allowed him to improve his Observation Haki. Luffy’s efforts were rewarded, and he was gifted with the ability to peep into the future! This combined with his Snakeman ability allowed Luffy to best his super speedy foe in a battle that will echo through the ages!

5. Luffy vs. Sanji

Sanji weeping manly tears (Toei)
(image credit: Toei)

This battle landed killer blow after killer blow on my shriveled pirate heart. Got the salt water pourin’ from me eyes watching two crew mates tangle with one another in such a way. It wasn’t fight so much as a one sided beat down, with poor Luffy beggin’ Sanji to come back to the Straw Hats once more! Broke poor Sanji’s heart too. After he’d beaten his best friend bloody, he sat down and had a cry. And so did I! So did we all.

4. Whitebeard vs. Everyone

Whitebeard from one piece smirking (Toei)

And the tears keep on flowing! This fight was a tragic and beautiful affair, and ended in the most legendary death of a pirate in the history of the world! Whitebeard was a giant of a man, both in his physical size and the size of his character. He loved each of his crew members like family, and fought tooth and nail to protect them from Blackbeard and his nefarious crew. After being stabbed, shot, and pierced with cannonballs, Whitebeard said his final farewell and died on his feet, standing straight up. He was a giant in death just as he was in life. No man beheld it and kept a dry eye.

3. Luffy vs. Lucci

Luffy fighting Lucci from One Piece  (Toei)

Another fight where a character learned somethin’! Does me heart good to watch this kid figure it out! Luffy’s opponent Lucci was fighting fierce, and the little rubber boy was nearly bested! Nearly I say! For Luffy cleverly created two new powers in his Second and Third Gear in order to defeat his opponent. He was fightin’ with every once of his strength to save his crew mate Robin, and his love and dedication for her allowed him to land a killer final blow in the form of a Jet Gatling that trounced the devil Lucci!

2. Luffy vs. Usopp

Luffy prepares to fight Usopp (Toei)

Oh this fight was another that cleaved me heart in twain! Luffy had to fight one of his very first friends and crew mates, the sniper Usopp! Usopp had challenged the straw hatted lad to a duel, as Luffy was going to take their beloved ship Going Merry out of commission. The sniper couldn’t bear to give the old girl up! Usopp was a formidable foe in battle, using his deadly marksmanship and his superior tactical intellect to great effect! However, he was eventually defeated by his captain and forced to say goodbye to his beloved vessel. A tragedy.

1. Luffy vs. Kaido

The Worst Generation about to put the hurt on Kaido (Toei)
(image credit: Toei)

This is indeed the finest fight in the history of the world to date! And it’s still happening! I’ve been watching through me telescope from 20,000 leagues away! The attacks have been so powerful that I dare not risk me life and limb getting any closer. Oh what a thrill it is to see Luffy and the Worst Generation go up against the World’s Strongest Creature. I don’t know how this battle will turn out, but those young pirates may just be the one to slay the old dragon once and for all!

(Featured image: Toei)

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