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Watch This Awesome Short Film About Evil Action Figures Getting Their Comeuppance

This is like if Toy Story were really dark and really short, and also made you want to fight crime.

Vimeo user Paul Constantakis has released a new short film, Villainous, and it’s a must-see. More a suggestive glimpse into the secret lives of our crime-fighting heroes — and their dastardly foes — than a narrative story, the two-and-a-half-minutes nonetheless hints just enough at the epic battle that we have missed to whet our appetite for more. Constantakis’ video is well-scored and aesthetically pleasing, the shots well constructed to tease at what may have occurred, and leave us wondering, as ever, if our toys really do come to life when we’re not looking.

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We’re kidding, of course. We know they do exactly that. And one day, we’re going to prove it.

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