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Here’s What It Looks Like When a Hooked Shark Drags Your Kayak 12 Miles out to Sea

This video is ripe for "Let It Go" parodying.

Adam Frisk recently uploaded this video of an estimated 11-foot hammerhead dragging him 12 miles out into the ocean from the coastline. Frisk could have let go of the fishing rod at any time, but maybe he was too distracted by the second hammerhead following him to remember that.

It’s hard to see the video as an epic The Old Man and the Sea-type struggle with nature, since the poor shark wasn’t looking to get hooked, and Frisk seems to be enjoying the adrenaline rush of hitchhiking on a hammerhead. Still, the impressive force the shark displayed and video still below are a reminder that mother nature should not be dealt with lightly, especially when you’re alone in the boat equivalent of rice paper. Hopefully, the shark and his loyal hammerhead friend are doing okay.


(via Sploid, image via Adam Fisk)

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