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Avalanche Sharks Is a Movie, Whether We Want It to Be or Not, so Watch the Trailer [Video]

Because the problem with Sharknado was its plausability.

This summer, the snow will run red with your blood. Wait, what? The inevitable next shark/natural disaster movie is here, but this time, it has way more Canada.

Canadian production company Odyssey Media has created a shark disaster movie geared toward Canuck interests and set to be released on Canada Day this summer—July 1st, for you Yankees.


*Shark may not be to scale.

It’s directed by Scott Wheeler, who is (not so) well known for his work on Deuce Bigalow and something called Zombie Hamlet, so you know it’s going to be…something.

Here’s a fun Canada Day drinking idea: watch Avalanche Sharks and take a sip of Molson every time a fin slices through the snow, First Nations lore is misrepresented, or someone says they need a bigger mountain. Oh wait, don’t. You will die.

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