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The UFO Welcome Center is Ready for Visitors

In case any aliens are planning on visiting the planet Earth, they’d do well to make their landing in Bowman, South Carolina. That’s the home of the UFO Welcome Center, built and maintained by Jody Pendarvis. Currently, said welcome center consists of two homemade flying saucers that Pendarvis built himself, one stacked on top of each other, in his role as ambassador to the aliens. Sorry, he shouldn’t have mentioned that. Or the female aliens, he really can’t talk about the female aliens. But he did sit down several months ago to participate in a short documentary about he and his homebrew UFOs called Welcome to Planet Earth.

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It doesn’t matter if Pendarvis is telling the truth, or believes that he’s telling the truth. He’s playful with his answers, even the ones that are completely outlandish (see: Above comments about alien “females”). Discussing his spaceship, he refers to sections with sci-fi names like “Experimental Engine Room” and the “Antimatter-Matter Interchanger.” As you can see, these areas are mostly full of lawn furniture and bits of scrap wood. Despite this, Pendarvis’ enthusiasm is unflappably childlike, similar to a little boy explaining all the parts of the spaceship he’s built from a cardboard box.

Currently, the welcome center has limited amenities: Air conditioning, toilet, air mattress, satellite TV. To be honest, any visiting aliens may not be impressed with what it has to offer. However, Pendarvis with his earnestness and that nudge-wink look in his eye might be the most perfect representative Earth has to offer.

Or he’s crazy. Either way.

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