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Two Trailers For The Hunger Games Show the Reaping, Trip to the Capitol [Video]

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor


Two new trailers are out for The Hunger Games, and once again, they are mercifully not too revelatory, sticking to scenes from the first act. In the first one, we see District 12 preparing for the reaping, accompanied by the Taylor SwiftCivil Wars song, “Safe and Sound” (which made me way more emotional than I was expecting to get). The second one picks up where the first left off, and goodness gracious, this thing comes out in exactly two weeks, you guys.

The first one, which might get you the tiniest bit choked up:

And the second one, which will snap you right the heck out of it:

Two weeks from today, everyone — March 23.

(via io9)

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