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What Did the Jennifer Lawrence Say to the Woody Harrelson (When She Met Him for the First Time)?

Oh My Stars and Garters


I was so nervous. I had been practicing what I was going to say in my trailer because I couldn’t decide if I was going to go with ‘Hey, how are ya, I’m Jen!’ or ‘Hi Woody, it’s such an honor to meet you, I’m Jennifer.’ I went over it and over it on the way walking to his bus, muttering to myself ‘Should I go with Jen or Jennifer? Should I say I’m Katniss. No he probably already knows that…’

I walked into his bus to introduce myself and the first words that just fell out of my mouth were [this next spoiler is rated R] ‘Is that a sex swing?!Jennifer Lawrence, on meeting costar Woody Harrelson for the first time.

Read Harrelson’s side of the story below:

The first moment meeting this incredible, esteemed actress and she opens the door and is like ‘Hi Woody, I just wanted to say… is that a sex swing?!’ I laughed so hard, then I said ‘Well it could be.’

We’d say that’s a little sleazy, but, then again, maybe he was just getting into character. You know, all of his characters. I meant that in a sarcastically bemused way. Bemusement! One of the internet’s most difficult to convey emotions.

Oh! Right. The contraption in his trailer was actually a yoga swing. That’s, uh. An important detail.

(via Entertainment Weekly.)

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