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Too Late to Grab Too Human Content From Xbox Marketplace Since It’s All Disappeared

The end may finally be here for Silicon Knights. It wasn’t too long ago that a Canadian court ordered the beleaguered video game developer to recall and destroy all unsold copies of their games that used Unreal Engine 3 due to a licensing spat with Epic Games. It was a pretty thorough gutting of the company’s catalog, with both Too Human and X-Men: Destiny on the chopping block, that Silicon Knights unfortunately had coming to them. Now it appears that we’ve reached the final stages as Too Human has been pulled from the Xbox Marketplace.

The game’s been pulled from Games on Demand, and the demo and various tidbits like themes are gone too. It’s unclear at this point why they were pulled and exactly what hand the ruling against Silicon Knights had, but X-Men: Destiny appears to still be up so who knows. It’d be odd for them to pull one and not the other, but I don’t pretend to fully understand the inner workings of Microsoft’s Games on Demand service.

Until an official reason comes down the pipe, we can only speculate, but one thing’s certain: Silicon Knights was definitely ordered to stop selling and distributing Too Human. It’s hard to imagine that this has nothing to do with it at all.

(Xbox Marketplace via @lifelowerEurogamer)

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