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Mayor of Ottawa Denounces Return of Kings Global Meetup, Condemns Them as Misogynistic “Garbage”

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Earlier this week, Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, the founder of the wretched hive of scum and villainy Return of Kings, announced that they would be having a global meetup day. Its aim was to bring out all the enlightened, euphoric, fedora-wearing, pick-up artists to breathe some fresh air and meet up under a bridge somewhere. Well… that was the plan until the internet found out, and just about every other sane person on the planet began to warn everyone about the roving packs of ‘legalized rape’ advocates (trigger warning for that link, by the way) that are planning on hitting up every city on the globe.

Enter Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa, who tweeted a condemnation of Valizadeh and his cronies, and then began a campaign to help warn other cities about their plans: #TurnAwayReturnOfKings. “Our policies are we don’t allow people who promote hate to use our facilities,” Watson told Canadian reporters, “So that’s the direction I gave to staff, to live up to that policy.

Valizadeh apparently has a plan cooked up to work around the fact that they’ve just been effectively banned from meeting up in these public spaces: an info line-style system with throwaway e-mails being passed around containing the information on how to find the meetup. The post reads:

If you are from any of the below cities, I need your help come up with (1) an alternate public meeting location and (2) a throwaway email address you own that I can post publicly. We will relay the meting location privately through a system I will announce soon.

The big takeaway here is that wow, they really don’t get it, do they? Also (and I hate how this is placing the responsibility of safety on the wrong people), please be careful February 6th. You should be able to tell which group of people belong to the Return of Kings meetup by their socks-and-sandals, cargo-shorted, “cool story babe, make me a sandwich” t-shirt style, but still… be on the lookout, yeah?

And before you tromp into the comments with your thoughts about how this is infringing on Roosh’s right to free speech: maybe just don’t.

(via Ottawa Citizen, image via Shutterstock/file404)

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