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Jimmy Kimmel Shows Bro-Friendly Version of The Force Awakens After Anti-“SJW” Campaign “Success”

NSFW ... if your work recognizes dudebro scribbles of boobs.


The folks at ridiculous website for manly, manly men Return of Kings are pretty proud of themselves for (their estimate of) taking some $4.2 million out of the pocket of the highest domestic grossing movie ever (not adjusted for inflation or the other zillion factors that affect such a thing, obviously). Disney must be shaking in their boots at the loss of significantly less than one percent of their total box office take for the movie worldwide, which currently sits at $1.56 billion after only three weeks in theaters.

To help them out, Jimmy Kimmel Live! has started the difficult work of converting the movie to be more bro-friendly, which you can see in the video above, brah. Niiiiiiiiiice.

Oh, and that $4.2 million number comes from the very scientific method of a Twitter poll involving 565 respondents and extrapolating the results out to the 900,000 people who clicked on Return of Kings pages from November 21 to December 21. About 55% of people who responded to the Twitter poll said they avoided the movie because of RoK’s reporting of its “SJW” tendencies. Yes, only 55% of people who follow such a website (or were otherwise in a position to come across the poll) and responded to the poll were swayed not to see The Force Awakens. Truly, a massive victory and an overwhelming display of public opinion.

(via Daily Dot)

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