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Sad Man Makes Sad App to Stop All Those Evil Women Trying to Trick Him With Makeup

Oh no, the men have outsmarted our mascara. Whatever will we do now?

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Apparently Mel Gibson is “Family Friendly” Again? How Did We Let This Happen?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Daddy's Home 2 performed better than expected, making a $30 million weekend debut with 37% of the audience being families. Yes, people brought their children to this.

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Reddit Bans Their “Incel” Subreddit, a Hive of Poisonous Misogyny

"Incels" are a group of people, almost exclusively male, who believe that they are "involuntarily celibate"— that they are denied the sexual contact they feel to be their due—and they have carved out Internet communities devoted to this damaging and dangerous ideology. Now, the 40,000+ group of incels that festered unchecked on reddit have been banned.

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Police on Both Coasts Investigating Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Harvey Weinstein and James Toback

Because, you know, sexual assault is a crime.

Lest we forget, sexual assault is a crime, regardless of how Hollywood brushes it under the rug.

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Kelly Clarkson Hates Dr. Luke So Much, She Refused Sharing Songwriting Credit With Him

We've been covering the ongoing Kesha/Dr. Luke legal battle, in which Kesha alleges years of rape and mental/emotional abuse at the hands of her longtime producer. However, Kelly Clarkson not only revealed her personal distaste for Dr. Luke in a recent interview, but illuminated how the music industry silences its women.

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“I See Your Gaslight & Now Will Raise You a Scorched Earth”: Read Amber Tamblyn’s Open Letter to “Predatory” James Woods

"Since you've now called me a liar, I will now call you a silencer. I see your gaslight and now will raise you a scorched earth."

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Poll Says Majority of Americans Think Hillary Clinton Should Retire. What Exactly Do They Think She Does?

According to a poll released today, the majority of Americans–61%–think Hillary Clinton should retire. Beyond my initial reaction of "get bent" and my lack of surprise that this poll comes from a conservative website, there's one pressing question here: What exactly do these people think Hillary Clinton needs to retire from?

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Anna Faris Takes on the Idea that Being a “Guys’ Girl” Is the Best Thing a Woman Can Aspire to Be

"I touted my male friends as if my association with them spoke to how cool I really was. I was selling my own gender down the river, and I wasn’t even getting any fulfillment from the relationships with those dudes."

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New Passage From Hillary Clinton’s What Happened Takes on Bernie Bros’ Toxic Sexism

And Bernie's own toxicity, too.

An excerpt from Hillary Clinton's memoir accuses Bernie Sanders of doing "lasting damage" to the Democratic Party, and calls out the sexism of some of his supporters.

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This Video Shows How The Big Bang Theory Tries to Make Misogyny Look “Adorkable”

This video from Pop Culture Detective analyzes how The Big Bang Theory uses lampshading and nerdy stereotypes in a way that suggests geeky guys' misogyny is "just another socially awkward personality quirk."

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Sitting Here Patiently Waiting for the Male Outrage Over These Clown-Only IT Screenings

Those guys sure had a lot to say about Wonder Woman.

I mean, fair is fair. Surely these are true men of principles and not mere attention-hungry, concern-trolling misogynists. I'm sure we'll be hearing from them any minute now, with their angry tweets and their threats of boycotts, and their pointless retaliatory self-funded movie screenings. That would be the ethical move here.

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While You’re Out Fighting Nazis, Don’t Forget Misogynists Like This Douche Still Exist

We had a lot of talk about Nazis yesterday, because apparently that's a thing we need to be doing now in 2017. However, lest you think that white supremacy has taken over as the oppression du jour, let's not forget that there's still sexism and misogyny to contend with. Some forms of oppression never go out of style!

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A Marvel Comics Editor Is Being Harassed Because She Posted a Selfie With Her Coworkers

Comics has a sexism problem

Marvel editor Heather Antos is being harassed because she posted a selfie of her friends and coworkers getting milkshakes. Comics continues to have a serious, serious sexism problem.

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Ice Cube Appears on Real Time to School Bill Maher on the N-Word

Bill Maher is problematic. So is Ice Cube. But in this case, it took the latter to remind the former that you shouldn't feel "too familiar" with oppressed groups. Certainly not "familiar" enough to feel comfortable dropping a racial slur.

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Austin’s Mayor Viciously Shuts Down a Wonder Woman-Hating MRA Troll

Boy, bye.

Ever since the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin announced its plans for a women-only screening of Wonder Woman, a small male subset of the internet seems to be competing for Worst Reaction. The city's mayor responded to one of these men, and it's perfection.

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Update on the GOP Red Pill Creator: He Just Resigned, After Being Protected By His Republican Colleagues

Boy bye

Robert Fisher, the Republican lawmaker who also created Reddit's awful Red Pill forum, resigned after an investigative committee voted not to take any action against him.

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Republican Lawmaker Who Created Reddit’s Red Pill Forum Dragged by Women at an Investigative Hearing

Don't worry, though. He swears he's "never hated women."

"I can tell you with certainty, rape is no joke. When you use it to fumble around with other rape apologists in chatrooms designed to discuss sexual strategies with other misogynists, you are not just participating in rape culture. You are grooming it, you are cultivating it, you are growing it."

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Sally Yates Does Not Back Down Against Sexist Smear Campaigns, and We Are So Grateful

This is not Sally Yates' first rodeo when it comes to taking down powerful men who try to discredit her, and boy have they been trying lately. The President may have even committed a felony by attempting to bully influence Yates' testimony over Twitter. Yet, while the phrase "Nevertheless, she persisted" was introduced into the mainstream because of Elizabeth Warren, it could just as easily apply to Sally Yates. She is not having your misogynist condescension and bullying, thank you.

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As 82 More Chibok Schoolgirls Are Freed, Let’s Remember They’re People, Not Photo Ops

When last we heard about the Nigerian schoolgirls from Chibok who were kidnapped by an Islamic militant group called Boko Haram, twenty-one had been freed only to face sexist shaming when they returned home. Today, we learned that more girls have been freed by their captors, only to have to deal with publicity before getting to see their families.

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Post-Election Hillary Clinton Talks Misogyny and Trolls Trump Over Popular Vote in Full IDGAF Mode

And we love it.

As much as I wanted to see Hillary Clinton become the U.S's first female President, it's also refreshing to see her free of the demands and harsh scrutiny and criticism of the campaign trail. Free to be way more loose with how she expresses her thoughts and feelings. And I love it.

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