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So, remember when we told you yesterday that a) there was going to be a good deal of Arrested Development promotional material arriving in the coming weeks and b) you were going to see a lot of it here, because we’re pretty damn excited for the show’s return? Yeah, we totally meant that. The latest piece of promotional brilliance is With InsertMeAnywhere, which you can use to cram up to 100% more Tobias Funke into any existing video, from cinematic classics to home movies.

InsertMeAnywhere is a series of auditions/demo reels featuring Tobias in a variety of roles that show his range as a performer, from “Doctor” to “Cowpoke” to “Action Hero.” To insert Tobias into any video, just download the green screen footage of one of his performances, then place him in the video of your choice. Comedy? Drama? Educational film strip? Go wild inserting Tobias into all of these videos and more! With acting chops like this, there’s no hole he can’t fill!

Needless to say, Tobias did the Internet a solid by putting this tool in its hands, and people are already doing some pretty great stuff. Didn’t think Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining could get any creepier? You haven’t seen it with a very special green screen cameo by Tobias Funke’s “Motorcycle Ruffian.”


Well, what are you waiting for? Those classic films aren’t going to green screen themselves. Let us know where you insert Tobias, as we’d love to see what position our readers put the good doctor in and share those precious moments with the Internet at large! For inspiration, here’s a supercut featuring just some of Tobias’ performances.

(via InsertMeAnywhere)

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