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Every Arrested Development Running Gag in One Amazing Interactive Visualization

Recurring Developments

Well, it was a nice workday while it lasted. But it’s already mid-morning, and the time for productivity has come to an end. The time for goofing around on Recurring Developments, an interactive map of every running gag — every awkward shoulder rub, every huge mistake, every “Her?” —  in the first three seasons of Arrested Development has just begun. If you can’t catch up on the episodes by brazenly just watching television at work, this is probably the next best thing, though it would probably serve to keep an important looking Word document open in another window. You know, just in case your co-workers didn’t get the memo that we have half-day.

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Recurring Developments is simple, but deep, taking one of the shows many running gags — like one of my favorites “Well, that was a freebie” — and shows you which episodes the bit appears in. In some happy cases, it will even give you the chance to hover over the joke and get some context on where it appeared in the episode.

Of course, you can also reverse engineer the diagram, picking an episode — for example “Motherboy XXX” — to find out that it has a Carl Weathers gag, a J. Walter Weatherman bit, a “Hey, brother!” and many more of the series’ trademark lines. In short, it is pretty much the nerdiest of all possible things, and we’re really into it.

As the once mythical fourth season draws nearer, expect more stuff like this to start cropping up. And yes, expect to see it all here, because we could not be more psyched for the comeback of the century.

(via Recurring Developments)

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