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The Final Countdown Begins: New Arrested Development Trailer is Here, Has Kind of a Lot of Birds


I mean, not, like, a lot a lot of birds? But definitely more birds than I was expecting. Also, one of them is an ostrich, a bird so big that it clearly counts double, even though it can’t fly. Let’s don’t get hung up on the birds, though. With less than two weeks to go until the fourth season of Arrested Development makes its glorious debut on Netflix,this new trailer also hosts plenty of things you would expect from the show including but not limited to: The stair car. Bluth model homes falling apart. Gob’s magic tricks illusions. Kitty being a psychopath (though not sightings of these). And of course, there’s Baby Buster freaking out, with what appears to be a fancy new jewel-encrusted hook.

In short, yes, Virginia, it looks like the long-awaited fourth season of Arrested Development is going to live up to the ridiculously high expectations we’ve all set for it. The trailer is also a handy demonstration of the fact that just when you think you’re as excited as you can be for new episodes of this show, all Netflix has to  do is release a few more drops from their entertainment IV and suddenly everyone in the room is salivating over it all over again. That’s a sick way to treat human beings, Netflix. It’s sick, and it’s wrong, and I wish I could not love you for it.

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